ATM (vending machine) locations in Antananarivo

Admit that we sometimes struggle a little bit to find ATM in Antananarivo. Especially when you don’t have all day, some ATM are out of service or out of order, so you have to look for another one. This is really a problem for those who have a bank account in Madagascar. So where can you find ATMs in Antananarivo for each bank ?

So here are the locations (by neighbourhood) of the ATMs in Antananarivo that I know, for each bank.

Bank Of Africa Madagascar

The BOA’s Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) can be found at :

  • Antaninarenina, in front of the garden and the Hôtel du Louvre
  • Ankazomanga, towards Andraharo
  • Andravoahangy, about 200 metres from Saint-Antoine College
  • Itaosy to Andranonahoatra
  • Ivandry at the exit of La City, near the Trade Tower
  • Soarano at the entrance of the station
  • Tanjombato in the Ikopa Center
  • Ampefiloha, near the CNaPS
  • Andraharo in the Galaxy area
  • Ambanidia, near the roundabout
  • Alarobia in the former Pullman compound

Société Générale Madagasikara

There are ATMs from the former BFV to SG Madagasikara in :

  • Antaninarenina, which is the bank’s headquarters in Antananarivo
  • Analakely, facing Urbania (formerly SICAM)
  • Analakely near the pastry shop La potinière
  • Ankorondrano, near USAID, Zital area and also at the Fitaratra building
  • Antanimena, near the ESCA
  • Ampefiloha enclosure of the Aro building
  • Tanjombato at Ikopa Center
  • Antsakaviro, near Galana
  • Tsaralalàna, in front of Conforama
  • Behoririka, about 100 metres from Shell station
  • Ivandry Immeuble Assist
  • Ambatobe in front of the French high school
  • Anosy at the entrance of the HJRA
  • Itaosy, Ambohidahy Itaosy

BNI Madagascar

Concerning the ATMs of BNI Madagascar, some can be found in these districts :

  • Andohan’analakely, at the headquarters
  • Antsakaviro, not far from the BFV
  • Andravohangy, near the Hardware 2000 store
  • Zenith Ankorondrano
  • Antsahavola, square of May 19, 1946
  • Imerinafovoany a few meters from the Hanitriarivo hotel
  • Tanjombato to Jumbo Smart
  • 67Ha Seimad Building Speaker
  • Ivato Airport
  • Andraharo « Ariane 5B » building
  • Behoririka in front of the Ilafy polyclinic
  • Ampasapito, near Jovenna agency Tatsinanana
  • Analakely, near the Grand Mellis Hotel
  • Ambodivona near the headquarters of Cotisse Madagascar

BMOI Madagascar

For BMOI, they do not have as many ATMs in Antananarivo as the first three banks, but they can be found at :

  • Antaninarenina, in front of the post office
  • Anosy, within the grounds of the Carlton Hotel
  • Ankorondrano, CORA compound
  • Andohatapenaka, within the Akoor dyke
  • Analamahitsy in front of the Coliseum of Madagascar
  • Ankorondrano speaker Zoom
  • Talatamaty Imerinafovoany
  • Tsaralalalàna street Ihovana

MCB Madagascar

The districts where MCB Madagascar ATMs are located in Antananarivo are :

  • Antsahavola, at the bank’s headquarters
  • Ankorondrano in the games village
  • Ankadimbahoaka pregnant Leader Price
  • Ambohibao Antehiroka on the RN4

BICM Madagascar

They have only two ATM locations in Antananarivo that are located at :

  • Andraharo, which is of course the headquarters at the Cap 3000 building
  • Isoraka 32, rue Général Ramanantsoa

Baobab Bank Madagascar (the former Microcred)

The old Microcred, which became Baobab a year ago I believe has ATMs in these areas :

  • Ambodivona, its headquarters
  • Tsaralalàna
  • Andraharo, Galaxy area
ATM (vending machine) locations in Antananarivo
ATM (vending machine) locations in Antananarivo

And that’s it, I think this data will be useful to you one of these days :D. If there are still other locations, feel free to add them to the comments.
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