Captain Seller: Review of the greatest CRM software hero

The jungle in which salespeople have to fight every day is a dangerous world. Uncertainty lurks behind every door you visit, every number you call and every quote issued. In such a world, danger is everywhere and every sale is a real victory in itself. That’s why sellers, salespeople and Sales Managers need a hero. This is a job for Captain Seller, the guarantor of peace between you and your customers (and your salespeople too)! I have tried it, and here’s my detailed review of Captain Seller, for me the greatest CRM software hero!

The story of Captain Seller

Developed by the guys from Le Web Français, Captain Seller is a French hero. Its headquarters is situated at 41 quai Richelieu, 33000, Bordeaux. In case of emergency, you can contact them directly on 05 33 05 72 20.

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CRM software that saves you
CRM software that saves you

Captain Seller’s job is to save companies that are looking for better Prospection and Customer Relationship Management. He therefore totally devoted himself to his task, but against remuneration. But hey, since he’s a good guy, he still offers you a 14-day free trial so that you can discover and test his strength! At the same time, considering the super cheap price, it is a safe bet that even the very small structures (for example, freelance workers) will be able to afford its services.

Captain Seller’s power (features)

Captain Seller has gargantuan powers. First of all, living in Cloud gives him the gift of omnipresence: PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones, he is everywhere and enables you to work on any device connected to the internet.

Moreover, the software has an effective dashboard, efficiently manages your schedules, processes your quotes and invoices, proposes the import of databases, and keeps watching over your customer portfolio. Fortunately, Captain Seller is a good guy, not a villain!

Captain Seller’s dashboard

As a warm welcome, you are greeted by your dashboard as soon as you log into Captain Seller. Thus, you’re ready to dive in straight away!

This dashboard is accurate, practical and gives you a global view of all your operations via key indicators. You can view:

  • the evolution of your sales and deals over the year via a curve chart
  • the number of new customers over the year
  • the amount of new sales over the year
  • the rate of transformation of quotes into invoices
  • the number and total value of new deals
  • the number and total value of new customers

It’s true that most CRM software are loaded with dashboards, but few of them incorporate an automatic view of the best sellers’s ranking. Not bad at all, right? Captain Seller even allows you, automatically, to obtain the evolution of their rankings in time.

Finally, to make your follow-up more efficient, a filter system displaying your results over 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year, is added to the arsenal.

Planning your tasks schedule with your hero

Thanks to your favourite hero, you will not miss a single appointment or a single call in your Sales Prospecting. The Captain Seller task schedule allows you to plan all types of events on a calendar with detailed notes: schedules, to-do’s, and annotations with a monthly and daily view. It’s also possible to sync it with Google Calendar or Outlook.

Quotes and Invoices

Yes, unlike some other CRM software, Captain Seller processes quotes and invoices.

A quote can only be sent once you reach the “deal” stage (the stages being prospect ⇒ lead ⇒ deal ⇒ customer), or if it is already a customer. As for invoices, only customers can obviously receive them.

Fantastic thing, and proof of the prodigious powers of our hero is that quotes and invoices can be edited and sent directly by e-mail from Captain Seller. They can also be downloaded as PDF files, and later on print or sent by other means. Obviously, on Captain Seller, a quote can be converted into an invoice with a simple click.

Import software and Sales pipeline

Do you already have a CRM database or have you worked on Excel so far? No problem, Captain Seller offers to download its import software that enables you to import your existing database into your new working tool. This software is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

As a good CRM, Captain Seller also ensures that your acquisition process is as clear and simple as possible with a well-managed customer portfolio. Not really surprising, except that it does just as well as elsewhere. So we find a pipeline with prospects, leads, deals and customers, not to mention all the information about them. It takes only a few clicks to change the status of a prospect to lead, lead to deal, and deal to customer.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Captain Seller

No one is perfect and though Captain Seller may be a superhero, he too, is not perfect. But we should admit that he hits hard, the Frenchie.

The strong points

The strengths of Captain Seller are:

  • taken in hand (very) easily
  • in accordance with the current law on the fight against VAT fraud
  • fluid and lightweight
  • simple and practical interface
  • automatic sentences when sending quotes and invoices
  • complete, readable and practical dashboard
  • located in Cloud and therefore available everywhere and anytime
  • management of user profiles
  • very affordable paid version (for the first 1,000 registered)

The weak points

The weaknesses of Captain Seller are hereafter:

  • creation of quotes and invoices that strictly require the bank account number of the prospect or customer
  • slow in sending e-mail (quote and invoice)
  • some bugs here and there anyway

Despite these small flaws, probably due to its relative youth, Captain Seller is doing a great job. With this hero, your prospects will become customers in no time. Of course, you will also have to work. But as it goes: “Help yourself and Captain Seller will help you!”

I love this software for its usability. It presents a simple interface, but a super complete one. In addition to a few distinctive options, such as the processing of quotes and invoices directly in the software, all the features of a CRM are there, including a dashboard, User management, Customer Portfolio Management, an option for scheduling appointments and phone calls.

I recommend Captain Seller services to anyone who is looking for a Customer Relationship Management software that is reliable, efficient and above all complete (who needs an Invoicing software when Captain Seller does it all!). The icing on the cake is that this software is not complex at all to use. It can be said that here, the efficacy has been coupled to usability. See also: Our comparison on the best certified POS software

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