Business idea : charcoal to lighten teeth !

Have you also noticed, as I have, that some people in rural communities (well, those who are not addicted to tobacco) have white and beautiful teeth ?

Yes, the question arises because these people do not have access to dental care or effective products when we, as city dwellers, spend a fortune whitening our teeth, but the result is not at all the same.

Indeed, in the absence of a budget, these people use charcoal instead of toothpaste to brush their teeth. As a result, they have white teeth, a sparkling smile like in the movies or in advertisements in Madagascar: D. (you know what I mean :P). It would also be a big step since most people are concerned about dental hygiene in Madagascar.

Charcoal is very effective in whitening teeth
Charcoal is very effective in whitening teeth

So the thing is, I thought starting this kind of business would be a good idea. I don’t know where to start, but the idea is to create charcoal-based products to lighten teeth.

Someone could give me ideas or advice about that ? would that be a good idea especially nowadays ? Of course, it will require a major market and strategy study, without forgetting the most important one, which is the fund (financial resources).

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