Concerts in Madagascar: rock, variety or folk, where does our preference go?

26/12/2018. In Madagascar, don’t fool yourself, we like to party. And we also like celebrities who release music videos in a big way. Oh yes, we do. So, as a logical consequence, we like concerts! Or rather, we should like the concerts since no one has ever really thought about it. You know the rest, “Until today”!

Because, yes, what would be the point of flooding TV and radio stations with a mountain of advertising, if not to make a lot of money off the backs of partygoers? Better yet, what artist would go and perform in front of a bunch of empty chairs?

Are the Tananarivians interested in concerts?

The first thing that strikes you is that the majority of Tananarivians are not used to going to concerts. You see, out of the 1,045 people surveyed, only 25% said they were used to going to see artists performing live.

75% of those surveyed are not used to this kind of environment.
75% of those surveyed are not used to this kind of environment.

On the other hand, when they say they’re used to it, they’re not faking it! Thus, 24% attend shows 3 times a year, 21% say they go twice a year, 16% even go to concerts up to 5 times a year and 11% answered they go 4 times a year. Finally, those who go only once a year represent only 9% of the regulars.

Then, despite their modest representativeness, the rest of the fans go there much more often:

  • 9% go there 6 times a year
  • 5%, 11 and more times a year
  • 1%, 7 times a year
  • 1%, 10 times a year
  • 1%, 8 times a year

On the satisfaction side, the results are very positive for the organisers and the artists: 80% of the spectators say they are satisfied with the concerts they went to, 9% say they are rather satisfied, 3% are rather unsatisfied and, tadaaan, nobody declared themselves unsatisfied! It should be noted, however, that 8% did not declare themselves.

Finally, it is interesting to note that 19% take the trouble to make reservations or take a VIP option when they go to a concert.

Of all the musical genres in Madagascar, where does the preference of the Tananarivians go?

What comes to mind right away? The inevitable varieties? Tropikaly music that makes you twerker? Wrong and wrong again: the musical genre which monopolizes the majority of the regulars is none other than the evangelical genre with 31% of the spectators who have this preference. A third of the audience! In other words, fans must be enjoying themselves during the festive season at the end of the year.

Gospel concerts are popular
Gospel concerts are popular

The “varieties” category comes only in second place, capturing 17% of the regulars. Everything from Bodo, Poopy, etc. is included. As for tropikaly and folk music, they won 16% each and come in front of rock and hard rock, which conquered 14% of concert fans.

As for R’n’B and hip-hop, they received 13% of the votes, while classical music still got 9%. Let’s not forget the hira gasy, which was preferred by 7% of the audience. Other types of music scored only negligibly:

  • 4% for rap
  • 3% for country
  • 2% for jazz
  • 2% for reggae
  • 1% for slam
  • 1% for reality TV concerts (poor kids …)

The Tananarivians’ favourite place to see concerts

In addition to the preference for the musical genre, we were also interested in the places most appreciated by the Tananarivians to see a concert. Thus, among all the usual places to see a show, the Sports Palace in Mahamasina is the most popular, gathering 28% of the votes of the regulars. It is closely followed by the Coliseum of Antsonjombe, with 27%.

Then Antsahamanitra turned out to be the favourite of 17% and, surely because of the evangelical concerts, the church stood out among 10% of the regulars. As for the rest, it goes like this:

  • CCESCA : 5%
  • Dôme RTA Ankorondrano : 3%
  • IFM Analakely : 1%

It should be noted, however, that 9% said they had no preference.

Comfortable, cosy, perfect
Comfortable, cosy, perfect

It was also found that group outings are favoured with 62% of spectators travelling with friends and 24% preferring to go with their family. As a result, single people only account for 8% of the regulars, while those who prefer to go as a couple account for only 4%.

What can we deduce from this survey on concerts and Tananarivians?

When the atmosphere is at its peak in a concert, it rocks whether it’s tropical, folk, rock, or even evangelical. With the help of the media, you have to admit that success can happen at any time, especially when you have good “amin’azy amin’azy” xD.

Yet, as surprising as it may be, a good part of the people of Tananarivo don’t subscribe to this exchange between artists and fans. Perhaps that’s why this proportion of people who don’t go to concerts (75%), more than half of them, 54%, said they were definitely not interested. Quite simply.

Lack of time is also among the reasons for this reluctance (42%). In the end, financial reasons and the lack of means of transport only account for a small share of the reasons given by “non-spectators” (2% and 0.25% respectively).

It also appears that going to a concert is a fun activity to do with friends. The fact that almost 2/3 of those who go to a concert go there mostly with friends reinforces this, even if we prefer to go alone than as a couple!

Finally, we also notice that among the 25% of Tananarivians who usually go to concerts, only 9% of them go only once a month. In other words, the overwhelming and vast majority of spectators go to several shows during the year!


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