Cosmetics and Tananarivian women: true love?

26/03/2019. We were all quite surprised by the result on the opinion of the Tananarivians regarding manicure in our previous article. Let’s admit it, the population of the capital of Madagascar is not so coquettish as that to the point of paying millions of Ariary a year just to have their nails treated! The citizens of Antananarivo surely have other priorities. And since at the Stileex Post, we always try to give as much information as possible, this time we wanted to dig deeper, without of course straying too far from the field of beauty, well-being and especially hygiene. So in this article, we went to the four corners of the capital to study the relationship between Tananarivian women and cosmetics. In total therefore, we collected 903 answers from our respondents.

Cosmetics, not for Tananarivian women?

Believe me, my dear friends, I am not at all the pessimistic type, but it is quite difficult to admit that 84% of Tananarivian women do not even use cosmetic products. Of course, you are going to tell me that they are naturally beautiful, but isn’t hygiene a more than valid condition for at least using cosmetic products? This is the case for the 16% who use them on a daily basis.

Anyone who does not buy cosmetics has their own reason. But what they all have in common is that they find cosmetic products to be futile (76%). Health, like allergies and other diseases, come a long way behind with only 10%. Among the women we surveyed, 6% prefer to make them themselves, and 5% find that these products are far too dangerous and toxic. The remaining 2% told us that either it didn’t work or it was too expensive.

How often do Tananarivian women buy cosmetic products?

Let’s go back to our sheep and let’s aim at those Tananarivian women who are passionate (if I may say so) about cosmetic products! We can affirm that beauty and hygiene take a great place in their lives. For a few years now, cosmetic care has risen to the same level as the food needs of Man, since he consumes enough in only one month. Indeed, according to our investigation, we have arrived at these results:

  • Once a month: 44%
  • 2 times a month: 6%
  • Several times a month: 12%
  • Once every 2 months: 19%
  • Once a quarter: 12%
  • twice a year: 4%

Where and from how much do Tananarivian women buy their cosmetic care?

When it comes to consumption, budget and money are never far away! During our survey we noticed that most Tananarivian women go so far as to spend a huge amount of money just to afford cosmetic care, most of them from 10,000 Ariary to 30,000 Ariary or even more. See for yourself:

  • Less than 10 000 Ariary: 19%
  • From 10,001 Ariary to 30,000 Ariary: 75%
  • From 30,001 Ariary to 50,000 Ariary: 6%

On the point of sale side, the citizens of the capital rely first and foremost on specialized stores to buy products either always or regularly. Superstores and beauty salons are also well regarded by the Tananarivians. But the people surveyed admitted that they don’t really like to buy their skin care products at the local grocery store, and even less on the Internet.

The types of cosmetic products favoured by the Tananarivian women

There are several cosmetic products, but when we asked everyone’s opinion, we were not at all surprised that hair oils take the lead in sales with 14%, since this product can be used by everyone. Face and skin oils as well as face masks are of course also very popular with 7% for the former and 6% for the latter. The same applies to body and hand creams with 5% and 4%.

The conditions of purchase of a cosmetic product

With the quality/price ratio that we distinguish today from the cosmetic products that are sold here and there, Tananarivian women are becoming more and more demanding, and they even want to set their own conditions before making the purchase. First of all, in relation to the composition (natural and/or organic), where 69% of those who use them attach great importance. The brand is one of the fundamental conditions for buying cosmetic products, as 62% say. Of course, there is also the reputation of the ingredients, the certified label and the novelty of the product that 50% of Tananarivian women ask for.

Personal opinion on Tananariviennes and cosmetic products

Personally, being a man, I am not really a deep fanatic of cosmetic care, but with the education I received on hygiene, I humbly agree with the 16% of Tananarivian women who use cosmetic products. If the vast majority of the population of the capital doesn’t really like cosmetic products, they may not know that they are not always industrial products, since there are also natural cosmetic products and of course those that are “Vita Malagasy“.


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