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When we are in the professional world, we must take care of our presentation, and a professional email address is no exception to the rule. No more @, @, @ and other free popular services. You need an address like @, and for the price (free…), why restrain ourselves ? We’ll therefore consider together what are the different solutions to create a personalized email address.

Shared hosting

The professional email address, historically the first Internet consumer service

Shared hosting offers the best quantity / price ratio if you want to create professional email addresses of the type @ There are even free web hositng.

Essentially intended for the hosting of a low-cost and medium-frequent web site or free CRM software, shared hosting almost offers systematically the possibility of creating a large number of email accounts sharing together the total allocated storage space.

So it’s a great cost option for SMEs, and even for individuals.

However, the main problem of this solution is that the customers share the same IP (the unique address of the server) and if one of them abuses (by sending spam for example) or is hacked (with a WordPress that is not updated for example), then it’s all the accounts that bear the consequences: the IP becomes blacklisted for everyone.

The IP can also be blacklisted after a malicious website (most often a website based on a popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.). In this case, the hacker will take advantage of the security vulnerabilities on the website to send SPAM from the server. And thus once again, the IP becomes blacklisted for everyone. Emails sent from your business email address will no longer be received by your recipients.

Of course, you can always remove an IP from a blacklist, but it can take quite some time.


  • Cost of the solution


  • Deliverability issues
  • Limited service
  • Service dependent on the good behavior of all customers of the same server
Simafri provides web services in Europe and Madagascar

Shared hosting with a dedicated IP

Here is a good hybrid solution to no longer be a victim of your neighbours’ abuse: shared hosting with your own dedicated IP.

The advantage of this solution is obvious: you will no longer suffer the consequences of bad “neighbours” of the server as described in the previous paragraph.

As for the cost, it is always under control because we must count only a few extra euros per month to benefit from this functionality.

Of course, this does not exempt you from complying with the rules of good use of emails and maintaining a healthy website without any security breach.


  • Cost of the solution
  • Deliverability not dependent on other customers
  • Ease implementation


  • This solution doesn’t protect yourself from any security breach on your own website

Shared hosting with an external SMTP service

This solution to obtain a professional email address is a bit similar to the previous one, except that instead of using a dedicated IP, you will use a dedicated server to send email, usually via an external service.

The cost depends on the amount of emails sent per month, but if you use the emails reasonably, then the price will be quite affordable.

The big advantage of this solution is that it will allow you to send newsletters: the email marketing.

The use of a SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) service is therefore for a more demanding audience in terms of quantity and a bit geek in the workings of electronic mail.


  • Deliverability not dependent on other customers
  • Deliverability remains unaffected by viruses on your website
  • Able to send a huge number of emails


  • Request to make dedicated settings in customer’s mail

Your VPS / dedicated server

For those who have the need and knowledge to manage a VPS or a dedicated server, this solution offers the greatest freedom and independence for your emailing software, such as the excellent Zimbra.

or a dedicated server, this solution offers the greatest freedom and independence for your emailing software, such as the excellent Zimbra.

If you do mass mailing, then it is also the most economical solution, even though you have to do all the work of building the reputation of the IP.

It is therefore reserved to an informed public, to the companies having a qualified computer scientist.


  • Total independence
  • Total freedom
  • Interesting cost in case of high email consumption


  • Requires knowledge of managing a dedicated server, most often under Linux
  • Requires working and maintaining IP reputation
  • Excessive cost in case of low use of emails

Dedicated professional messaging services

Finally, if you really want the professional email address, then you have to turn to a dedicated service like Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps for Work, Zoho Mail, Simafri Mail Service, etc.

You will then benefit from high-end services, servers dedicated only to electronic mail whose IPs are whitelisted and that have an excellent reputation, a guarantee of service availability greater than 99.99%, etc.

On the other hand, who says high-end, says pricing that goes with: on average €4 / month / user.


  • The best service
  • Exemplary deliverability
  • Very high availability guarantee


  • The cost
  • Cannot send mailings

Warning about the use of a professional email address

Some people think that they can send emails no matter how and to anyone, because in fact it’s free.

But it should not be the case. Among all web services, it is the use of emails that requires the greatest attention. And that’s precisely because there has been too much abuse.

The main risk when sending emails unconsciously is that your IP becomes “blacklisted”, which means that all mail services (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) will systematically refuse any email from your server or your professional email address…

The most common mistakes I can notice concerning my customers are:

  • The sending to too many recipients at the same time, some addresses do not even exist…
  • Message without a subject
  • Message without punctuation or written in uppercase
  • Sending too many files (often uncompressed images or even videos!)
  • Emails without signature
  • Discussing several topics in the same email thread, as if it were instant messaging
  • etc.
Spamhaus, monitoring service for IPs that use email

-> See also : Examples of Performance Indicators (KPIs), the most exhaustive list.


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