Diet to lose weight in Madagascar, the habits of the Tananarivians

08/01/2019. Dieting to lose weight isn’t for chicks, is it? Yeah, it seems like a guy who’s watching his figure is a little creepy. Nevertheless, for this diet survey, we asked everyone without exception.

We were thus interested in the habits of the Tananarivians when they want to lose weight and the least we can say is that it has been edifying! Just look at it.

Losing weight when you’re a woman

The first salient fact is that Tananarivian women are sufficiently aware of the correlation between eating habits and the general state of health. Thus, to the question asked “Do you think that diet and eating habits play a role on health status”, an overwhelming majority of 88% answered yes.

When asked about taking dietary supplements, we found that 77% of women never take them to lose weight or to lose weight. Then, 9% admitted that they rarely take them for that purpose, and another 9% said they take them quite often. Finally, only 5% confessed that they often took these food supplements to lose weight.

The kind of miracle food supplement that makes you lose weight
The kind of miracle food supplement that makes you lose weight

We also asked if they sometimes skipped meals so as not to gain weight. Three out of four women (76%) do not do so.

Afterwards, we still remembered that 9% often skipped their meals so as not to get fat. Then, 8% abstained relatively often and finally, 7% rarely do it.

Depriving yourself of certain foods to lose weight

Asked this time about the foods they deprive themselves of to lose weight, a large majority of the women surveyed, 77%, say they eat everything. Basically, there’s no question of them giving up the good things in life in the name of the diktat of the perfect figure!

On the other hand, 14% avoid eating foods that are too fatty, and 7% avoid eating flour-based foods (such as pasta). Finally, only 2% of the respondents keep oil away from their rations.

Down with dieting to lose weight! Let's get rid of these delights
Down with dieting to lose weight! Let’s get rid of these delights

Fruits and fat burners

We all know that certain foods can help us lose weight, I am thinking in particular of fat burning foods. Well, of all the women surveyed, only 33% use food in their quest for the perfect figure: 15% use fat-burning foods, 7% eat fruit and vegetables without any real special distinction and 1% prepare their own “special slimming” recipes.

Dieting to lose weight does not necessarily mean depriving yourself of good things.
Dieting to lose weight does not necessarily mean depriving yourself of good things.

It also means that 77% of the women surveyed eat everything :).

Exercise also helps you lose weight. But, uh…

But 90% of them don’t do it with this objective in mind. Indeed, only 10% of the Tananarivian women we interviewed practice one or more sports to lose weight or keep fit. And not just any sport: they chose to practice one that moves.

5% run to lose their excess weight, 2% prefer to do fitness, while 2% also say they do zumba to lose weight. Finally, 1% turned to a team sport.

Finding: depriving oneself alone is not enough to lose weight (according to the Tananariviennes)

That is what the survey says. When we look at the 23% of women who deprive themselves of certain foods in order not to gain weight, it appears that they couple their deprivation with other diets. Consider this:

In terms of food supplements, 39% admit to rarely taking food supplements, 34% to take them quite often and 18% to take them often. Only a minority (9%) do not take them at the same time as they are deprived of them.

In terms of skipping meals, 38% say they skip meals often to lose weight, 34% skip meals quite often and 28% fast well, but rarely. It is interesting to note here that no one, I mean no one, takes their full meals during the day: all women who are on a diet deprive themselves of one or more meals every day!

Then there are the “special diet” foods that are eaten for weight loss. Here, 63% of those who are deprived told us that they eat fat-burning foods. 32% content themselves with fruits and vegetables in their diet while 3% concoct a special recipe to lose weight better. Finally, only 2% of them do not eat anything special to lose weight.

Finally, let us talk about the place of sport in the diet of these women who deprive themselves of certain foods to lose weight. It’s a bit funny because for 60% of these women, it’s niet: they don’t do sports to lose weight! For the remaining 40%, we have some:

  • 22% who choose to run
  • 9% who prefer to work out
  • 6% who swear by the zumba.
  • 2% who play team sports
  • and 1% who opt for the skipping rope
Exercise to lose weight? Noooo
Exercise to lose weight? Noooo

What about the men in all this?

Whether it’s dietary supplements, deprivation, special diets or sports (to lose weight, of course), there’s still an overwhelming majority of men who… don’t actually care.

First of all, 96% responded that they never take dietary supplements to lose weight. For the rest, it’s really insignificant: 2% admitted that they rarely take them and 1% confessed that they take them quite often.

In terms of diet, 95% of them said they never skipped meals. Of course, how could real, virile men abstain from eating? Only a very negligible fraction of 2% rarely skip meals for their figure, and only 1% admitted to fasting relatively often.

Would seeing a fat man be more "normal" than a fat woman?
Would seeing a fat man be more “normal” than a fat woman?

Speaking of deprivation, do men deprive themselves of certain foods to avoid gaining weight or to lose weight? Well again, no! We still have a majority of 95% who refuse to be constrained in any way. And as before, some really insignificant parts still deprive themselves: 2% avoid eating fatty foods and 1% have given up sugar.

I’ll spare you the “special diet” foods that 96% of men are totally unaware of and where only 2% have admitted eating fat burning foods and 1% fruit and vegetables (always to lose weight), and I’ll tell you directly about sport where only 1% run to lose weight and 97% don’t (or at least not in order to lose weight).

What can we deduce from this survey on the diet of the Tananarivians?

Already, we can say that the vast majority of men and women are convinced of the major role that diet and eating habits play on health status (88% respectively for both genders). However, dieting does not really interest them (especially the male gender). In fact, we have seen that only about one in four women deign to deprive themselves or follow a special diet to lose weight. But despite this, we are surprised that the physical condition of the Tananarivians is at the top!

Round or not, you have to eat to live.
Round or not, you have to eat to live.

How can you blame the Malagasy if they want to eat their fill, all the more so as they have to sweat blood and water for a ration that is at best correct. Given the cost of living in Madagascar in general, no fuss over a good dish consisting of a mountain of rice and “hena matavy”.

Let’s face it, a diet to lose weight is more appropriate for a certain well-to-do segment of the population that pays as much for a good feast as it does for a diet. Not to mention the expense of each session in the gym.

Speaking of sports, for both women and men, dieting is not at all the right thing to do. 90% of women and 97% of men do not practice sport or exercise with the sole aim of losing weight or not gaining weight. Still, women are less reluctant and it is clear that men really don’t care about losing weight.


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