Furniture in Madagascar: zoom on a subject not very convenient!

11/04/2019. It is always nice to have a well-furnished living room, bedroom or kitchen, as it will reflect a beautiful image of you. Whether you are moving into a new house or redecorating, you will need to start by buying furniture first. While we have recently talked about moving to Antananarivo in our previous articles, we will focus on furnishing, and more specifically on buying furniture in Madagascar. So we conducted a survey on the subject through the capital of Madagascar where 875 people answered our questions.

The bedroom and the living room have priority

Whether you own or rent, give your house or apartment a facelift with new furniture. The Tananarivians, like all Malagasy people, enhance at least one of the rooms of their house thanks to very good quality furniture. According to our statistics, in Madagascar, the citizens of the city of Antananarivo tend to buy furniture for the interior rather than the exterior. Indeed, the latter will first equip their rooms (38%) and then the living room (37%). The kitchen and dining room are in third and fourth place with 10% and 5%.

Buy new furniture and give your living room a new look.
Buy new furniture and give your living room a new look.

After buying and redecorating their rooms, most Tananarivians (58%) tend to keep their old furniture. While 25% prefer to resell them, or leave them to relatives or friends (10%).

In Madagascar, we own all the furniture (or almost)

Today, we can find in all Tananarivians (or almost) most of the essential and necessary furniture in a house. We can mention the sofa and armchair (91%), the dining table (78%), the chairs (96%), the wardrobe (91%), the chest of drawers (91%), the shelf (90%), the coffee table (82%), the bed (96%), etc.. The bedside table, the computer table and the chest of drawers are the least purchased by the population of Tana.

The works of the Malagasy craftsmen are of very good quality.

The inhabitants of Antananarivo (79%) are more used to buying their furniture from Malagasy craftsmen, rather than from shops (16%) or antique dealers (2%). This preference can be explained by the very good quality of the furniture created and sold by our talented carpenters. Indeed, 80% of Tananarivians believe that the quality of Vita Malagasy works, as well as the furniture in specialty stores, is very good, if 15% find that the furniture of these Malagasy carpenters are quite good. A condition that makes you want to buy from artisans at 67Ha and Ambodin’Isotry or department stores specializing in carpentry.

The furniture " Vita malagasy " is always of very good quality.
The furniture ” Vita malagasy ” is always of very good quality.

Premises are more popular than imported furniture.

Of course, with the good quality of the furniture made by Malagasy craftsmen, local products are more appreciated compared to imported items. See for yourself:

Sofa and armchair87%5%
Chest of drawers86%5%
Coffee table73%8%
Dining table66%10%
Computer table53%8%
Bedside table49%8%
Television table60%11%
Chest cupboard/bahut58%9%

As you can see on the downloadable computer graphics above, beds (16%), chairs (15%), sofas (13%), wardrobes (11%) are the products that the Tananarivians have purchased recently. According to those surveyed, 94% of those surveyed do not yet make much use of the Internet to buy furniture online.

The Tananarivians mainly buy sofas and beds.
The Tananarivians mainly buy sofas and beds.

Tananarivians have great purchasing power

In addition to the quality and design of the furniture, price is one of the citizens’ purchasing conditions. Even with the ever-increasing cost of living, the people of Tananarivo still have a more than reasonable purchasing power. More than 68% of them devote a budget between 100,000 Ariary and 400,000 Ariary. It must also be said that 19% of the citizens of the City of Thousand can go from 400.000 Ariary up to 1.000.000 Ariary and more. This is not negligible.

In conclusion of this survey on the purchase of furniture in Antananarivo

The citizens of the capital of Madagascar have a duty to set an example for the inhabitants of the other cities of the Big Island. Buying furniture for one’s home is essential to life in society. Today, most Tananarivians own the basic furniture in a house. They first decorate the living room before furnishing the other rooms. Of course, they do this only if they have the possibility, like almost all the inhabitants of Antananarivo. Local furniture is much more popular with the people of Antananarivo than imported products. This is a good point for Malagasy craftsmanship.


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