Madagascar weekends: here’s how the weekends of the Tananarivians are going!

02/01/2019. After a long work week, what better way to spend the weekend than doing nothing. At least that’s what I would do. I don’t know about you, but the weekend is a real moment of deliverance between each successive week. And I spend it, well, at home :).

But that’s obviously not the case for everyone. Some go out and have fun, others take the opportunity to visit the family or whatever. Through this survey on the weekend of the Tananarivians, we are going to see what they do during their weekend, where they go, who they spend it with and, moreover, why they choose to go out when they would be better off in their beds. Well, still according to me :).

What are the Tananarivians interested in this weekend?

According to the results of our survey, which reached 771 people, we can see that only 33% of those surveyed are used to going out on weekends. A third of the Tananarivians!

In the case of the remaining 67%, who therefore do not usually leave the house at the weekend, the majority is of the home-loving type: 61% confirmed that they prefer to stay at home (like me!). Then there are 19% who devote themselves to work and another 19% who simply say they don’t have time to go out. As for the remaining 1%, they cited various reasons, including a lack of budget to go out.

Now, let’s take a look at the activities done during the weekend (for those who go out): 28%, composing a majority in this panel, choose to go for a walk, while outdoor playgrounds are also the ideal destination for 13% of them.

Next, 11% prefer to do sports, 8% enjoy karaoke and another 8% prefer revy amorondalana. We also found that visiting family or friends is the most popular activity for 7% of respondents who go out on weekends. For another 7% of respondents, it is more like a picnic. Finally, as far as other activities are concerned, only very small shares were retained:

  • 3% for the weekend (i.e. leaving home on a Saturday and only returning on Sunday)
  • 2% for the restaurant
  • 2% for shopping
  • 2% for films of all kinds, the cinema therefore
  • and 1% for nightclubs

Let us also note that among those who usually go out on weekends, 36% go out of town (for a change of scenery or even for a “little holiday” surely).

Week-end Madagascar: what motivation to go out at the end of the week?

Why go out for the weekend? What a question, for entertainment and fun of course: 48% of those who go out at the weekend agree! Then, 17% say they go out at the weekend to please the children. Then, going out to meet other people or friends motivates 10% of them and for another 10% there is no particular justification other than the force of habit. Then, 9% go out just to change the air. Finally, a very minority share, 3%, admit to going out on the weekend out of obligation.

We also noticed that Saturday was more interesting for the Tananarivians to go out, a day that 47% of them go out of their houses. Sunday then won 33% of the votes. And the whole weekend, that is, Saturday and Sunday at the same time, gained 18%.

On the question of how often we go out in a month, it’s pretty tight. See for yourself:

  • 31% go out every weekend of the month (4 weekends per month)
  • 26% only go out every other weekend in the month (2 weekends per month)
  • 25%, on the other hand, go out 3 weekends during the month
  • 18%, well, only go there one weekend a month

In sum, a Tananarivian who has a habit of leaving home on weekends will go out 2.6 weekends per month on average.

With family, friends, as a couple or solo?

The survey shows us that Tananarivians like to go out in groups, mainly with family (43%) and friends (36%), relatively as a couple (14%), and to a lesser extent alone (5%).

With a few exceptions, the distribution of weekend activities for those going out with their families coincides with the general distribution. One example is the walk, which is the most chosen option, gathering 26% of the votes. Next come the outdoor playgrounds, which attracted 21% of families, and the picnic, which attracted 14%.

As for the rest, we have this:

  • 9% opt for outings
  • 8% are sports enthusiasts
  • 7% go to visit family or friends
  • 4% go to restaurants
  • 4% go out for the weekend
  • 2% are shopping fans
  • 2% go to karaoke
  • and 2% is more for the revy amorondalana

Among friends, walking is always at the top of the list of activities with 25%. Doing sports was the next most popular activity for 19% of those who went out with friends, while karaoke got 16%. For the unavoidable revy amorondalana, 14% were in favour, and 13% chose outings.

The rest of the options raised only minute percentages:

  • 5% for the cinema
  • 2% for outdoor playgrounds
  • 2% for canned goods
  • 1% for the restaurant
  • 1% for shopping
  • 1% for picnics

Finally, among couples, we see that walking is much more appreciated since the activity takes up 41% of the votes. Quite a long way behind, outdoor playgrounds and revy amorondalana obtained 14% respectively. Further on, we observed that :

  • 8% préfèrent rendre visite à leur famille ou à leurs amis
  • 5% choisissent d’aller faire des achats
  • 5% vont au karaoké
  • 3 % pour tout le week-end
  • 3 % sortent
  • 3% optent pour le sport
  • 3 % ne jurent que par le club
  • 3 % vont en pique-nique

What Tananarivians spend on average during their weekends

A weekend outing has a cost, even if it’s only the shipping costs. For the majority of respondents going out on weekends, i.e. 44%, the average expenditure ranges from 10,000 ar to 20,000 ar for a weekend. This budget is between 20,000 and 30,000 ar for 24% and it even goes up to 50,000 ar and more for 12%.

For the rest, the distribution is as follows:

  • 8% spend less than 10,000 ar
  • 6% are between 30,000 and 40,000 ar
  • 3% between 40,000 and 50,000 ar

3%, finally, didn’t want to or couldn’t give their budget.

What can we deduce from this survey on the weekend of the Tananarivians?

Weekends are designed to take a momentary break from the daily routine, work and school. With 2 out of 3 Tananarivians who do not usually go out on weekends, you can guess that there is no need to schedule an outing to enjoy these 2 days of tranquility. However, it must be admitted that some professions do not allow any interruption during the week, at most, only on Sundays.

Then, by observing this popular mass that floods the streets, shopping markets, public squares and other entertainment establishments during the weekend, we can imagine what leisure activities the Tananarivians enjoy. Thus, to spend a relaxing weekend, most Tananarivians choose activities and places that are easily accessible such as parks, sports fields and halls, etc. They even devote a special budget, between 10,000 and 20,000 for an outing for 44% of them.

Finally, we can also note that moments between close friends and family are privileged during the weekend (43%). One of the reasons for spending the weekend in a pleasant and entertaining place is to make the children happy.


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