Malagasy reality shows: discover the inhabitants’ favourite programmes!

20/06/2019. It’s already been about 20 years since Malagasy people discovered reality TV. The very first show in this field was in the form of a singing contest. A few years later, the producers of local channels had the idea of transforming the very concept of reality TV, taking inspiration from foreign programs. Today, after almost two decades, there may be nothing left to watch on TV on weekends! Stileex Post therefore asks the question: “Are Malagasy reality shows still a real success with the people of Tananarivo? “The answers of the 880 citizens of the capital of Madagascar will surely shed some light on this question.

60% of Tananarivians no longer watch Malagasy reality shows

While approaching several inhabitants on Antananarivo, we discovered that the fire of their affection for the Malagasy reality shows is gradually dying out. Currently, 60% of the city’s citizens do not watch them. On the other hand, the 40% are always in favour when it comes to Malagasy reality shows.

More than half of the citizens are no longer fans of Malagasy reality TV shows.
More than half of the citizens are no longer fans of Malagasy reality TV shows.

Today, 44% are not really fanatical about Malagasy reality TV. Those who can’t really afford it are up to 29%. Of course when we say “lack of means” here we are talking about the absence of television sets or even electricity. While because of the current pace of life, 26% admit that they do not have enough time to follow these various programs on a daily basis.

Tananarivians prefer singing contests

Nowadays, it is true that not many Tananarivians are interested in Malagasy reality shows anymore. But among those who still admire these productions, the programmes of singing competitions are the most appreciated, as we can see:

  • kopi Kolé : 40%
  • pazzapa : 32%
  • la Voix d’Or : 9%
  • over the top : 7%
  • miub 4Xmas : 4%
  • petit Chef : 4%
  • pour toi maman : 2%
  • stars de la danse : 2%

As we can see from the downloadable computer graphics, there are a lot of singing competitions on TV since they bring money to the producers, but also pleasure to the general public.

Singing contests are the most popular reality shows.
Singing contests are the most popular reality shows.

Indeed, the 41% of the latter are in front of the TV every day, if the quarter (25%) watches Malagasy reality shows less than once a week, as our article on the TV audience in Madagascar says. According to the results collected from the citizens of the City of a Thousand, 34% of them can enjoy these programs only once (10%) or 2 to 3 times a week (24%).

The show, the quality and the challenge first in Malagasy reality shows

The Tananarivians are more and more demanding today, with the different programs of the local channels. The people surveyed are attracted first and foremost by the show and the quality of the programmes (34%).

The attraction of the show pushes the people of Tananarivo to watch this kind of show.
The attraction of the show pushes the people of Tananarivo to watch this kind of show.

The challenge in these Malagasy reality shows also fascinates a lot the 33% of the citizens surveyed. But of course, seeing the faces of the new candidates (21%) is also a good excuse to watch some shows.

Malagasy reality shows: Tananarivians are looking for naturalness, humor and intelligence

It can be said that the candidates are one of the keys in these different competitions. In fact, citizens are looking first for all that is natural, at 32%. Then for their well-being, city residents need to laugh (23%), just as they need to see intelligence (21%) in the candidates.

In most reality TV shows, Malagasy or foreign, 16% of the audience also want originality. Physical appearance (5%) as well as seduction (3%) also count according to our respondents.

Either way, is it an act or the truth? The 40% of citizens do not believe at all that Malagasy reality shows are made up. But the 57% think that producers edit them often, 28%, and even all the time, if 29%.

Only 2% of Tananarivians have ever taken part in a Malagasy reality TV show

Reality TV shows in Madagascar are diversifying again and again until today. However, 98% of the people surveyed have never participated in these local programmes. The rest, i.e. only 2%, have taken part in them.

Most of the people we met, 43%, confessed to participating in the show “Pazzapa”. While 29% have already competed in “Over the Top”. The citizens also joined “La Voix d’Or” and “Stars of the Dance” with 14% each.

Competitive spirit weighs heavily in Malagasy reality shows

As we went forward we also saw that today, almost all Tananarivians (90%) no longer like to participate in this kind of television entertainment. Less than one person out of 10 interviewed would like to compete at least once in their lives.

According to those surveyed, they are still not competitive (36%). Others feel too shy (16%), while 18% think that Malagasy reality TV shows lack intimacy. The disapproval of the concept, with the setting, and others also make the public not want to go ahead with it.

Nevertheless, 9% would like to take part in these Malagasy reality TV games, just for the competition (38%), or pride in one’s appearance (24%). Some, at 19%, do it for the money, or want to join a music band (14%). Some, for their part, want to aim for celebrity (5%).

In conclusion of this survey on the opinion of the Tananarivians in relation to Malagasy reality shows

During our field trip for the survey on the current success of Malagasy reality TV, we saw that the people of Tananarivo are starting to get bored of this TV entertainment. Of course, Malagasy reality shows still have their place, but as time goes by, the public wants something new. Malagasy producers are little geniuses, because they do everything to make the public idolize their candidates (10%). This doesn’t seem to be working well. Personally, perhaps we should look at the problem from another angle.


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