The Marvel Universe !!! More than just a story. Why don’t we talk about it ?

After a week overbooked, and the daily routine, a good movie can really relax us. We all (I hope) grew up in the world of cartoons, or comics or at least reading. Princesses or superheroes… each one has his own choice. Personally, I choose both, with a slight preference for spider-man ;-). Let’s talk about the Marvel Universe !

The Marvel Universe, I’ve never seen anything more fascinating. A fantastic world, I dare say ? Yes, this virtual universe in which « my » superheroes evolve, at least those whom I took as idols during my childhood (or until now who knows ?)

As I grew up, and especially thanks to advances in cinematography, the Marvel universe took a huge place in my heart, in my life. Quite simply, a coherent universe in which all our heroes evolve with, as a bonus, a specific story for each of them. A great tribute to the people who came up with the idea !

A world that makes you dream, the Marvel world
A world that makes you dream, the Marvel world

A hero, a story. There are for example the classic superheroes, i. e. those who are endowed with super powers obtained by accident or under the influence of other external factors (Spiderman who is among the best free characters in Marvel Future Fight, Hulk, Captain America etc.). There are also mutants that have obtained powers through mutations in their DNA, such as Cyclops or Wolverine for example. There are still others, but all this is to tell you that creating something like this requires a great imagination that I admire very much.

The purpose of all these adaptations will be to bring together all these heroes and some of their acolytes within the Avengers.

From the Hulk to Captain Marvel, what do you think of this universe ? Like or not ? Seen or never seen ?

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