Stileex Post : the New Name !

02/22/2019. And the road continues for the Stileex team. As we promise you, this year 2019 will be the culmination of many projects for the passionate team that we are. That’s why it is not without pride that we announce our name change: now “La Revue Stileex” is called the “Stileex Post”!

But before elaborating on the name itself, I would like to propose you to go on a trip with me behind the scenes of our online review, a journey to the origins of the name “Stileex” and our logo. Dear readers, fasten your seat belts :).

Why « Stileex » and not « Pileex » for example?

Have you ever wondered why the name “Stileex” ? I’ll bet yes xD. After all, it’s pretty hard to pronounce at first, and we may struggle to know if it is pronounced staylex, stilex, etc. Well, it’s simply stilix. Aha! It sounds a lot more glamorous right ?

Originally, you may already know, “Stileex” is the nickname of Simon Lee, the founder. We can guess the root “Lee”, this is none other than his last name, but where does the rest come from ?

In his article where he confesses his journey from a penniless child to an entrepreneur in Africa, Simon mentions his overwhelming desire to integrate the school named École Polytechnique and to proudly wear the uniform. In 2001, then in Maths Spé (in preparatory class), he discovered the joy of Internet and wanted to find a nickname that he could use all his life. He decides to combine his surname with the nickname of the school he wanted to integrate: the X (a reference to crossed cannons on the school badge). This gave LeeX. In fact, it is under this pseudonym that the entrepreneur has created his website for his network game team!

Later, however, it appeared that LeeX did not contain enough characters to allow registration on some particular online services and therefore, by pure aesthetics, he added « Sti » in front. And that’s it, the very original pseudonym Stileex was born! Anyway, Stileex is prettier than Pileex right ? :).

“École Polytechnique” in France is more commonly known as the “X”

And now, the logo !

Nothing is done randomly at Stileex Post, and especially not the logo. Indeed, the logo that appears at the top left on the site is not right there because it’s pretty. There is a whole story behind.

In search of a logo with the help of our artistic director, Simon Lee decided to marry two symbols related to his personality and his story:

  • the alpha symbol: α
  • and the mathematical sign of infinity: ∞

The Alpha

First letter of the Greek alphabet, the alpha is usually used to recall the beginning of each thing. In this perspective and to induce his desire to be first in what he undertakes and his taste for competition, Simon decided to insert it into the logo.

The beginning symbol will be, from here, one of the symbols of the Stileex Post

The mathematical sign of infinity

The sign of infinity is simply Simon Lee’s passion and mathematical origins. It also refers to his ambition to see far and also to the infinity of openings offered by the website, still at the time a humble personal blog.

Combined with that of the alpha, the symbol of infinity gave birth to a singular logo, synonym of passion, work and ambition.

The Stileex Post logo represents the alpha and the sign of the infinite

2019, here comes Stileex Post

Since February 14, 2019, the Stileex website has changed its name to become the Stileex Post, in view of its internationalization and openness to the world!

You used to read our article only in French? Well, believe it or not, the site is now trilingual with an English version and a Spanish version ! When we told you that this year was going to be full of surprises, we were not joking xD.

It is therefore on behalf of the entire team that I have the great honor to officially present the new logo of the Stileex Post :).

Here is the new Stileex Post logo for you

Obviously, we changed only the name, the watchword is always and above all passion. Whether in Madagascar or Mauritius, our team of experts is committed to provide its know-how and information as reliable as exclusive. So, see you very soon for new adventures!


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