Question for gamers… Nvidia or AMD ?

I have to update my PC to play on it (and put it in 64 bits while I’m at it ^^’). Gamers and geeks of all kinds, Nvidia or AMD friends ?

I still find that Nvidia is more marketing, because we see that Nvidia is always a partner in major games from the moment it is released, even if gamers had a preference for AMD in the 32-bit era (which is not so long ago after all).

Question for gamers… Nvidia or AMD ?
Question for gamers… Nvidia or AMD ?

For you, which one of these flea founders is the best distributor ? Because these founders only create the chips but they are brands that integrate them. Some do not have a fan, and others do not even require power because there is already power through the PCI Express slot. And one of the biggest advantages of fanless is noise reduction :).

So, which model would you choose for a medium gamer configuration that is not too noisy ?

Now it’s up to you, Nvidia or AMD ? Why ? Why ? Let’s go, gamer friends !

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