Smartphone usage in Madagascar [2017 survey results]

New survey from Stileex. After e-commerce in Madagascar, Stileex is interested in the use of smartphones in Madagascar. This survey was conducted among 1,834 people during November 2017. The results are free of exploitation, as well as their computer graphics in return for a link to this article.

Analysis of the results

Nearly 80% of respondents said they do not own a smartphone. However, 20% of the people who took part in the survey said that they do own one. The cost of the devices remains the main obstacle to its use.

Smartphones are considered too expensive by more than 35% of the panel, especially the latest or top performers. Just behind this comes the impression that this equipment has no use. This feeling is shared by 30% of respondents. A large proportion of those who took part in the questionnaire (26%) do not express an opinion on what does not convince them about this equipment.

On the other hand, just over 7% questioned the ergonomics of the smartphone as being too complicated.

The smartphone family

The survey looked at the types of smartphones. The feedback confirms Android supremacy. It shares more than two-thirds of the local market with more than 76% of those who own smartphones.

Apple and its iPhone lag far behind, occupying less than 15% of the offer (13.6%) ahead of Windows, which accounts for just under 10% of users.

Social networks in mind

In addition to phone calls, social networks are popular and top of mind for those who use smartphones. Just under half of their followers (45.69%) connect to social networks.

Email is also one of the applications that smartphones “users” like to use. In the end, the device is of little use for work. A little over 11% of those surveyed admit to using it for professional reasons.

What is left of the applications is evenly split (around 5%) between internet surfing, instant messaging and games.

Facebook on the podium

When you meet someone with a smartphone in your hand, there is a 50/50 chance that they are on Facebook. Indeed, the survey shows that nearly 90% (87.34%) of the 50% of smartphone users connected to social networks are on Facebook. Far ahead of Twitter, which does not reach 2% of followers.

As with Facebook, Whatsapp is widely preferred among the messaging services offered on smartphones. More than 46% of respondents confirm this preference ahead of Viber (6.67%) and other offers.

Smartphone use in Madagascar
Smartphone use in Madagascar

Good performance of productivity applications

If you use your smartphone most often to communicate and consult social networks, it proves to be an excellent support for professional activities.

Productivity applications such as Openflex and its barcode reading functionality, calendar management, newsletters, CRM applications are used by more than 57% of users. On the other hand, just over 40% do not use them.

The choice of operators and their performance

4 mobile Internet service providers are competing. Telma tops the podium with nearly 48% (47.62%) of preferences, ahead of Orange 43.33%, Airtel 7.14% and Bip 1.9%.

Finally, the last question on the quality of the connections. On this point opinions are divided. Users consider them to be very slow at over 8%, slow at over 38%, fast at nearly 45% and very fast at 8%.

To sum up

Smartphone equipment in Madagascar is always conditioned by its price. It is an expensive and useless product for the majority of the panel.

For those who have chosen the device, there’s a wide favourable opinion for Android. Apple is far behind in Madagascar. Regarding the use of smartphones, the people who participated in this survey highlight the use of social networks, starting with Facebook, which is largely in the lead.

Whatsapp like Facebook to the preference of users in the choice of messaging. Information that can shake up certain preconceived ideas. The smartphone in Madagascar is used by nearly 2 out of 3 people for productivity applications.

Finally, Telma represents nearly one out of every two operators in Madagascar in the field of mobile services, a stone’s throw away from Orange. To conclude, how do we judge the quality of connections. Opinions are contrasted. Perhaps it is necessary to see the differences between the offers of the operators especially on the mobile Internet in Madagascar.


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