The 6 best Streaming Software on the market for quality live

Streaming has been around for a long time, but it is only belatedly that the majority of the population has become aware of it. It mainly consists of broadcasting sound and video tapes on the Internet and also listening and viewing these content broadcast online by Internet users. Streaming sound and video online, however, requires a minimum of equipment, including a decent internet connection, a device connectable to the Internet (for example a computer or a smartphone), but especially a good streaming software for the quality of the broadcast.

In addition, live streaming is one of the features that give interest to streaming software. To help you share your content in the best possible way, you need the appropriate software. As streaming is as useful for growing companies as it is for individuals through projects or simple recreational activities, I suggest you to discover here the best streaming software to do it the right way.


This streaming software is a Telestream production, which means that it’s actually a good software. Why?

Telestream is a big Company creating streaming software and Wirecast has benefited from all its experience. However, it is not free.

Wirecast is a live or on-demand broadcast program on Internet. The Studio version of this product supports the Hand Concept H.264 High Quality Encoder with a user interface that is very easy to use. The Pro version adds more features with advanced graphics, 3D virtual templates, backgrounds and dashboards, sharper audio settings, support for the On2 VP6 format, and more choice of peripheral inputs. In return, it costs even more of course.

Wirecast, the streaming software for streaming live or on-demand video on Internet

Wirecast is used for :

  • video and sound recording
  • scene configuration,
  • live broadcast
  • full HD broadcast
  • broadcast on platforms (such as YouTube or Twitch for example)
  • webcam capture
  • screenshot
  • register your office via screencasting
  • Broadcast using Picture in Picture (PIP) and creating multiple transitions
  • ability to add background music to video streaming
  • opening slate creation and incorporation of pre-recorded video clips

Note : The latest version of Telestream Wirecast Pro works best on PC. It comes with advanced gaming features (game streaming up to 1440p/60 fps, perfect for Twitch or any other quality streaming site).

Strong point : allows a multi-platform quality distribution with social integration.

Weak point : this streaming software is expensive.


A streaming software developed by Telestream as well, Gameshow allows live streaming on many platforms. This program is very well organized and offers a stylish “dark” interface very pleasant to see.

For novice streamers, Gameshow offers a simple default interface that is also customizable. As the name suggests, it is more for the gaming community.

Gameshow allows live streaming of videos on multiple platforms

Gameshow offers :

  • screen capture device
  • live game and video streaming over the Internet or in a video file
  • from webcam: recording video or game being played
  • live video streaming for sharing on Twitch, YouTube, or custom server address
  • automation of playlists
  • allow to import scenes from the OBS software (its big competitor)

Strong points : Does not consume a lot of PC resources and has many features.

Weak point : requires a very high speed connection.


This paid streaming software is simply revolutionary. It mixes the audio/video streaming directly. Its video recordings are a work of pro.

Easy to use, it is intended both for video game enthusiasts who would like to record and broadcast their best games, as for companies wishing to use a simple tool for video conferencing or advertising video ads.

Xsplit, the revolutionary streaming software, which mixes audio / video streaming directly

Features of Xsplit :

  • live videos and soundtracks streaming
  • audio/video recording of a streaming in progress
  • video capture
  • LAN Streaming
  • No Stream watermark, that is, your streaming will be protected against third-party downloads
  • notification for Chats and Followers
  • customizable plug-ins and integration

Strong points : Available in three different licenses and features.

Weak point : heavy streaming software that is very demanding on the PC.

OBS Studio : open source streaming software

OBS Studio is an open source streaming software with monstrous performance. Its one and only purpose is to serve you for fun. Yes, it means that OBS Studio is free and it’s beautiful. Its interface is presented under two themes: light or dark.

Obs Studio is an open source streaming software with excellent performance

The options offered by OBS are :

  • Real-time capture of audio/video (from webcam, video recording, and on-going game)
  • ability to create multiple scenes
  • Apply filters to video sources (color correction, scaling, scrolling, etc.)
  • Intuitive audio mixer, hence the adjustment of the sounds and gains from the sounds
  • live game and video streaming on the Internet or in a video file
  • Customize video resolution and frames per second
  • possibility of adding shortcuts for keyboard keys
  • intuitive control panel. This makes it possible to create multiple record profiles and switch more quickly.

Strong points : It is a free software that performs well.

Weak point : Does not contain as many features as a paid streaming software for a sharp use.


Vmix is a paid live streaming software. Nevertheless, a period of 60 days is offered for a free trial.

The service it offers is certainly good, because it is the only one so far to be able to stream Ultra HD (4K) videos.

Vmix is a paid live streaming software

The features offered by the Vmix stream software are:

  • mixing audio and video effects
  • configurable interface
  • recording live videos
  • multilingual
  • streaming high quality video (full HD 1080p and Ultra HD 4K)
  • compatible under Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • compatible with older Windows systems in addition to recent ones

Strong points : Its ability to stream live video in Ultra HD format and it is ease to use.

Weak point : requires a very good connection for Ultra HD streaming.


For live and streaming videos over the Internet, Broadcom is the perfect tool for those seeking compatibility. The video streams processed by Broadcom are indeed streamable without any problem on all popular browsers.

This streaming software is intended primarily for the professional sector, making life easier for companies wishing to broadcast video ads on the web, or for lecturers, professors and other speakers who need to do strong videoconferencing.

Broadcom is the perfect tool for live and streaming video for companies and professionals

Here are the features offered by Broadcom:

  • hosting an unlimited number of recorded video files
  • connecting a webcam or network IP camera as streaming source
  • watch video streams from any web browser
  • invite only a few defined viewers to watch their videos
  • add a watermark to your live videos (to protect the video against the recordings made by internet users)
  • record videos for later broadcast
  • multi-languages

Strong points : It is compatible with all existing platforms and is easy to use.

Weak point : It requires a broadband internet connection, but does not equal the competition in terms of the quality of the streaming.

Which streaming software to choose?

Wirecast, Gameshow, Xsplit, OBS, Vmix and Broadcom all have their merit. If we look at the professional use, they all do pretty much the same things, knowing that the main use will always be streaming and live audio/video recording. Of course, there will always be differences, but slight differences.

For professionalism, paid streaming software is a good solution. However, this does not mean that those free software don’t do their job well. OBS for example, even if it’s free, it is a very powerful streaming software capable of very satisfactorily streaming. I would even say that if you’re just starting out, you do not have to pay for a streaming software. Start with one of the free streaming software on this list. After gaining some experiences, then you can invest a fortune in buying a more complete tool that will meet more advanced needs.

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