Madagascar Poll: the loyalty (and infidelity) of the Tananarivians revealed!

08/03/2019. Loyalty in the couple. Aha! Here’s a subject that’s a bit sensitive, but that surely interests more than one (me including xD). With all these hypotheses and clichés we have in mind, we’ll finally be able to sort it out. So, are men really more unfaithful than women? How faithful are the Tananarivians to their partners? How many of them have already bitten into the forbidden fruit? Stileex Post invites itself once again into the lives of the Tananarivians through this survey on the loyalty of the Tananarivians.

And yes, men cheat more than women!

To open the ball of gently indiscreet questions (xD), we wanted to know if our respondents had ever been unfaithful to their partners. 29% of Tananarivians admitted to us that they had already dated more than one person at the same time.

And if we take a closer look at each gender, we find what seems to be obvious to the common man: men “score” more than women. Yes, precisely 36% of these men have already cheated on their partners, compared to 22% of the women. See for yourself:

On the other hand, the figures also reveal that 75% of Tananarivians have already known someone who has been unfaithful or is still unfaithful.

What’s the state of mind when you’re unfaithful?

We also wanted to find out whether people who have already been unfaithful were committing this act with peace of mind. It turns out that not for 46% of the infidels surveyed! This means that more than half of the infidels, 54%, are still afraid of getting caught.

Note that there is no noticeable difference if you zoom in on the results by gender. Men are just as afraid as women of being discovered: 52% of men and 56% of women are afraid of being discovered.

On the other hand, there are also those who have already confessed their “sin” spontaneously. Thus, 35% of those who are itchy say they have already confessed this fact to their partner. And this trend remains the same for both camps: 35% of men and 34% of women.

35% of those who cheat on their partner admit to being afraid of getting caught
35% of those who cheat on their partner admit to being afraid of getting caught

Reasons for infidelity among the Tananarivians

This is undoubtedly the existential question that most people ask themselves: why do we fall into infidelity? Of course, we did not fail to ask this question to those of our respondents who have already dated more than one person at the same time.

So, how’s it look? Well, it turns out that cheaters mostly cheat on their partners because they feel a lack. Sex? Love? Affair? Whatever, but a lack. Precisely 62% of the respondents mentioned this reason.

Then 9% let themselves be tempted because they find it normal, another 9% because they found something better than their partner, 7% did so after an argument, 5% are openly polygamous, and 6% mention other reasons such as feeling, fun, pure revenge, or because they are far away from their partners (long-distance relationship).

Still on this subject, the differences in the reasons given by each gender deserve some attention. Indeed, it turns out that while among men, 56% went out with more than one person at the same time because they felt a lack, this figure climbs to 72% for women. To see more clearly, a small graph :) :

Suspicions of infidelity

Still to learn more about loyalty among the Tananarivians, we wanted to know if any of the respondents had ever suspected their partners of being unfaithful to them. It emerged that only 20% of Tananarivians have ever had such suspicions and more precisely, they are 15% on the men’s side against 24% on the women’s side.

Now, when asked whether they have ever been cheated, 34% of those surveyed admitted to having been cuckolded. Here, things become more interesting, because we notice that (alone?) 26% of men have already been cheated against 41% of women.

Do Tananarivians easily forgive their partners’ infidelities?

Looking into the fidelity (and infidelity) of the Tananarivians is good, but don’t you think it would also be interesting to see what happens once adultery is discovered? Here we are too :).

For example, 39% of the respondents told us that they were ready to forgive a betrayal and for 32%, it’s “No way! ». On the other hand, 28% said they could forgive, but only on condition.

The numbers are not really different if you zoom in on the results by gender. Yes, I am saying that, contrary to what one might think, women are not especially more magnanimous than men on this subject. Specifically, 37% of men are forgiving and 41% of women are forgiving.

Finally, it is also known that 12% of Tananarivians will deceive their partners if they learn that he/she is unfaithful to them, 81% will do nothing and 6% hesitate on the issue.

Here again, there is no major difference between the two camps: 13% of the men and 11% of the women will cheat on their partners if they are unfaithful to them.

54% of those who cheat on their partners confessed that they were afraid of getting caught.
54% of those who cheat on their partners confessed that they were afraid of getting caught.

What can we learn from this survey on loyalty among Tananarivians?

Ah, fidelity among the Tananarivians :). 29%, such is the proportion, all types combined, of those who have already cheated on their partner. A figure that can be considered from two angles: positive and negative. Positive in the sense that 29% is not yet a terrifying majority (yes?), and negative in the sense that it is still almost one Tananarivian out of three xD.

It was also found that men are more likely to cheat than women (36% vs. 22%). So yes, women are unfaithful, but still less than men (where is the gender equality in all this? xD). Other statistics confirm these facts: 26% of men have already had a cuckold, compared to 41% of women. Is it true that men are more likely to succumb to temptation because of their greater sexual appetite?

In any case, we know that it is the fact of feeling a lack that is the main reason that pushes people to go elsewhere: 56% of men, but it is the women who are more likely to deceive their spouses for this reason (72%). And you know what’s funny in all this? 93% of Tananarivians, men and women combined, believe that fidelity is an indispensable thing in a couple. Of course.

I feel like saying, when will there be extra-marital dating sites in Madagascar? After, it’s true that we have Facebook… xD


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