The Tananarivians and manicure: do they take care of their nails?

22/03/2019. You have surely noticed that the population of the capital of Madagascar (the majority), man or woman, is constantly elegant, stylish and refined like gods and goddesses, from head to toe. It goes without saying that the Tananarivians always follow European and American fashion in terms of beauty and cosmetics, and even in trendy jewellery at least as far as possible (one would almost forget the rubbish here and there). As the Stileex Post team is never short of questions, we came up with the idea of looking into the question of manicures in Antananarivo. This investigation was therefore conducted in order to measure the importance given (or not) by the citizens of the capital to manicures. It is undeniable that this article concerns women rather than men, but in the interest of objectivity, we wanted to balance gender, age and standings in relation to the number of respondents.

Do Tananarivians like to have their nails done?

Among the 899 people surveyed, it is quite shocking to see that there are so many beautiful girls and women (and even handsome men) in the City of Thousand, but that the majority, 86%, are not too interested in manicures. Only 13% of them take the time to take care of their nails. The remaining 1% did not give an answer.

Only 13% of Tananarivians take care of their nails
Only 13% of Tananarivians take care of their nails

The reasons for not taking care of her nails are quite widespread. They can be divided into three categories. So while 79% find that a manicure isn’t really useful, only 1% simply don’t have time for this “task”. There are still 5% of people who don’t really care whether they do it or not.

For those who confess to enjoying a manicure, the reasons are very diverse. They even confess to us the number of times they take care of their nails per month.

Here are the numbers:

  • 46% several times a month
  • 15% once a week
  • 15% only for special occasions
  • 8% several times a week
  • 8% once a month
  • 8% more than once a month

Do Tananarivians go to beauty salons for manicures?

The figures we collected during this survey have removed our doubts about the priority of the inhabitants of Antananarivo since 38% who are interested in manicure go at least once to a beauty parlour. This percentage is high, as it reaches almost half of the people who take care of their nails.

Most Tananarivians only go to nail salons on special occasions.
Most Tananarivians only go to nail salons on special occasions.

Indeed, 15% are people who go there only for special occasions, a rate similar (15%) to those who go several times a month. While only 8% are pampered in living rooms once a month. And most prefer to make an appointment! I understand better today why beauty salons are rapidly appearing all over the capital :P.

Nail art is very much in vogue in beauty salons.

Fake nails are very fashionable nowadays, especially among people who prefer to stay at home to take care of their nails themselves. On the other hand, for the most popular treatments in salons, it is perhaps not very surprising to see nail polish application coming in first with 87%, followed by Nail art which takes 14% ahead of complete care, beauty care and other treatments with 8% each.

The nail art is more and more in vogue since a few years.
The nail art is more and more in vogue since a few years.

Beauty Salons: the Tananarivians are satisfied with the service?

Personally, the service of beauty salons in general is satisfactory on the one hand, since the staff is always at your service. But on the other hand, I would prefer to “do a little better” because the results obtained in these institutes are not always in line with the customers’ expectations. Otherwise for the respondents, 15% of them find the service “normal”, identical to the percentage (15%) of the answers “quite affordable”. 8% believe that this service deserves the answer “affordable”.

The budget for nail care

In our survey, we asked everyone how much money they put into manicures on average. They admitted that they spent on average per session between 5,000 Ar and 10,000 Ar. In fact, 23% pay less than 5,000 Ar per session (probably the average citizen). While people of a more comfortable standing (15%) will go as far as paying 10 000 Ar and even more.

What we can deduce from this survey on manicure and the Tananarivians

We can conclude from this survey that a very large number of Tananarivians (including women) do not pay special attention to the health of their nails. There is still a very large margin between the 86% who do not care about manicures and the 13% who at least bother to do so. But then again, it’s sad that only 2% take the time to learn about manicures and everything that goes with them.

Some people even use their teeth as nail clippers...
Some people even use their teeth as nail clippers…

Anyway, even if manicure is not a fundamental priority for the population of the capital of Madagascar, we have noticed throughout this article that nail care still holds a place in the life of the Tananarivians (and Tananariviennes), since for those who like to manicure themselves, half of them do it themselves at home and the other half choose beauty salons. One question makes me itch: “Are these numerous beauty salons all over the capital really necessary for the Tananarivians?”


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