Poll: the popularity of trade shows and event fairs in Antananarivo

18/10/2018. As you will surely have noticed, fairs and exhibitions have invaded the urban world of our capital. FIM, car show, goods transport and supply chain show, the Grande Braderie de Madagascar, Habitat show, almost every month has its fetish show and the regulars who go with it. Not to spoil anything today, there is something for all tastes between cultural events paying tribute to manga and Kpop, shows for motorcycle enthusiasts or for the habitat. There’s even one on safety and security solutions, that’s to say.

Now, the question to ask is what really attracts the barge. Because, of course, diversity has its charms, but what’s the point of multiplying the number of salons if nobody is interested in them at the grassroots level? As usual, we therefore went out into the field to ask the main people concerned and what you will read in the following lines is the feedback from these people.

A certain, but not absolute popularity

We consulted a total of 1,058 Malagasy people about their habits and preferences at trade fairs, and found that only 43% of them are willing to visit. That’s just over two out of five people.

Questioned afterwards about the types of fairs and exhibitions they prefer to visit, it is very largely, compared to the other categories, that the respondents chose generalist and general public events. It is thus towards essentially mercantile and general public events such as the Foir’fouille or the Grande Braderie de Madagascar that the choice of 45% of those questioned goes towards.

In second place are the primary sector fairs (agriculture and livestock), which attract only 17% of the respondents, and in third place are the education fairs, which attract 13% of the respondents. A category of events tied with job fairs, which also attract 13% of them.

In order, it goes like this: 12% for family fairs (childcare, weddings, etc.), 10% for high-tech events, 7% for car/motorcycle events, 6% for business fairs and cultural fairs (the world of reading, Asian culture, etc.), and finally 2% for everything environmental.

Our national Fabiola during the assembly of the Openflex stand, official sponsor of the international fair of Madagascar 2018.
Our national Fabiola during the assembly of the Openflex stand, official sponsor of the international fair of Madagascar 2018.

Buying habits

A visit to a trade show or fair results in every other time in a purchase, whether impulsive or not. Precisely 60% of the interviewees confessed that they always buy a little something when they go to one or the other. We’re talking about one or two quick items here, nothing huge.

There are, of course, big buyers who buy several items, but they only represent 2% of the respondents. For the rest, 38% are content to go around the stands without going through the cash desk. Window-washers what :).

Exhibition quality: measuring visitor satisfaction

We have also asked those who visit fairs and exhibitions to give us their general satisfaction with the various events they have attended. Well, the good news is that the services provided are very good, judging by the feedback from visitors, 39% of whom were moderately satisfied and 38% very satisfied.

Next come those who are very dissatisfied with the events they go to see, representing 13% of the visitors surveyed, followed by those who say they are rather dissatisfied, 8%.

What is interesting to note is that when looking at those respondents who prefer generalist and mainstream fairs, satisfaction is quite different, higher:

  • 40% are very satisfied with the trade shows they go to
  • 37% are moderately satisfied
  • 15% are very dissatisfied
  • and 8% are rather dissatisfied
The success of the Openflex stand at FIM 2018
The success of the Openflex stand at FIM 2018

The main reasons why people don’t go to shows

57% of those interviewed do not attend trade fairs at all and do not go to event fairs, a reality that can be traced back to several points.

There is already the simple notion of time: 33% of them do not go to fairs and shows simply because they don’t have time to go and visit one! Then there is the question of budget: 29% say they have no budget to allocate to this activity. Finally, in third place, we find respondents who are not at all interested in this type of event but who represent 21% of those who are reluctant.

Then there are also those who don’t go because there are too many people (9%), and those who don’t find any of the proposed themes interesting (6%).

What can be said about the popularity of trade fairs and event fairs in the capital?

Trade fairs and exhibitions are now part of the daily life of the capital’s inhabitants, but their attendance seems not to have reached a peak yet: 43%. Afterwards, some will say that this score is not very far from one person in two, which is not bad.

Fairs and exhibitions have really become part of the Malagasy way of life.
Fairs and exhibitions have really become part of the Malagasy way of life.

Unsurprisingly, however, the most popular types of events are those that do more in the fair than in the exhibition: Grande Braderie de Madagascar, FIM, Friperie fair, etc.. As long as the general public can find something to their liking and can give free rein to their desire to lick windows, it’s all good. This is surely also why the theme of breeding and agriculture came in second place, but still far behind (17% against 45% for the first one), itself followed by education and employment. Business, for its part, is in tenth place, only 3% of those surveyed were interested in it. Note apart from all the startup fairs: they are very, very little known to the general public.

Afterwards, we must also bear in mind that we did not interview professionals, but individuals. This also explains why 62% of those interviewed are in the habit of buying something during their visit, even though the majority, 60%, have little money in their pockets. Finally, it should be noted that only one visitor in five is dissatisfied with the trade fairs and exhibitions they visit, again a very good score.


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