What are the different types of computer software ?

In computer science, the word software is among the first in the list of vocabularies. In the database, we even learn that the computer is made up of hardware and software. For a computer device, software is therefore considered as a brain. It is a set of programs (we already know the difference between program and software ;P), dedicated to perform different tasks on a computer device. Software is used to perform a specific action on a device. So let’s talk about the different types of computer software.

In the great world of information technology, we can see 3 types of computer software. There are paid software, free software and free software.

Paid software is software that is manufactured and sold by software companies. They are sold in stores or also online. It is not that this software is sold that the user will have all the rights to it. Among the different types of computer software, paid software has a copyright, which prohibits even a partial copy of it. The user only has a user license.

No one can therefore modify the content of these softwares, even the most computer-qualified ones ! Only the company that manufactured it has the modification skills. The software can no longer be resold, as it will be integrated into the machine.

The office pack, among the most popular paid software
The office pack, among the most popular paid software

As paid software, we have for example Windows, the packages and its operating system. There is also 3D Architecture Premium, a well-known architecture software, etc.

Freeware or free software

This is the type of software that can be purchased on CD-ROM, on the Internet or also in stores. Manufacturers of this type of software usually create it for marketing purposes. That is, to promote only their company or product. As its name suggests, this type of software is free and the user can make a copy but without modifying his source code.

But beware, gratuity is not eternal ! This type of software is generally free for a fixed period of 6 to 12 months. Once the company reaches its business goal, the suite and other features will be charged for. These softwares are often at the forefront of performance. Manufacturers aim to satisfy users to better sell paid features later on.

Among the free software, we have for example Avast anti-virus, Dashlane, etc.

Free software among the types of computer software

As its name suggests, free software gives its user every right. The user therefore has legal rights to copy, circulate and modify the software. If he has computer skills, he can even modify the software, because the source code of the software is open. Free software may therefore be subject to a fee. We can say that software is free when its source code is open. The user can upgrade his software and can share its evolution with other users.

Free software is Open Source, i.e. it can be modified by users.
Free software is Open Source, i.e. it can be modified by users.

For an example of free software, we have the photo editing software that we all know to hijack an image : Gimp which is also a very powerful software.

In your device, there will surely be these 3 types of computer software, because we need software. Now you know your rights as a user for each of your software.


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