Free and Paid Video Editing Software : the most detailed list on the Web

Here is the list of the 16 best video editing software on the market. This is the most complete list available on the Internet! Anyone who wish to make a video editing must at least have in his possession a good video editing software.

What is a video editing software ?

A video editing software is a software that allows the user to select the images saved on an electronic, non-photochemical and assemble them into a sequence of artistic or coherent expression. So, the user can make films on his holidays for example, or create tutorials videos on free CRM software, or even start editing a short film. The choice of your software will depend on your needs, use and budget.

Video editing software


Camtasia is a high-performance, full-featured video editing software from TechSmith, the very people who created the excellent Snagit (screenshot software). Camtasia has the particularity of allowing also to make recordings of your screen, perfect if you want to create tutorials videos for Youtube.

I’ve used this video editing software a lot to create the episodes of my Webactus TV show. At first, I used to do the editing myself, even though I was not at all an expert at that time. Camtasia offers a very intuitive interface, yet very complete. There are many pre-recorded effects that are very pro:

  • “Behaviors” to animate your texts and images
  • animated backgrounds
  • hundreds of icons
  • animated graphics
  • annotations
  • transitions, etc.
The Camtasia interface

In addition, you can run Camtasia on a consumer (for individual and not business) PC as it is resource-intensive (obviously it also depends on the size of your video).

Camtasia is a software available for Windows 10 and MAC, for a single purchase at a price of €185.67 (you will have to pay again for new major releases).

MAGIX Video Deluxe

Paid video editing software, Magix Video Deluxe comes in 3 versions: Deluxe Video (€69.99), Deluxe Video Plus (€99.99) and Movie Edit Pro Premium (€129.99). Also available in shareware version, it is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and offers a wide choice of special effects. It allows the user to add soundtracks to movies, and insert them automatically or manually into titles or credits.

The Magix Video Deluxe interface

This video editing software has the advantage of supporting HD videos and to offer the user to create his own movie. All he has to do is to import the video into the software. No prior conversion is required! The user just needs to use the design templates offered by the software.

Available in several languages, it allows you to set the soundtracks and offers an automatic optimization of videos.

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Video Easy

Available in free and paid versions, Video Easy is a suitable software for those who have never used a mounting bench! Compatible with Windows OS, it offers many useful help and support features, that are simple and easy to access, such as the Startup Wizard, help topics, file format conversion, and many more.

The Video Easy interface

This video editing software propose to its users to archive their project on hard disk and DVD. It has a very intuitive interface and refined to the maximum, so that beginners can navigate easily.

In addition, the user will find many video tutorials that extend on each feature. This software is therefore the perfect tool for those who do not yet have enough knowledge in video creation. Everything is explained, even the connection of the camera to the PC. Pretty cool!

AVS Video Editor

It is a Windows compatible video editing software, which integrates many tools and effects favoring the realization of a quality video. It is available in demo version. AVS Video Editor has a user-friendly design interface that gives the user the ability to split, cut, merge, rotate and mix videos.

AVS Video Editor gives the possibility to insert subtitles, comments and menus to videos. The software supports many video formats, which avoids the user from using conversion software. AVS Video Editor also allows the user to record videos taken with a camera in the hard drive.

The AVS Video Editor interface

It can also burn its videos directly on a CD. Once the mounting or editing of the video is done, the user can share his work on the net (YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, etc.). It is a multi-function software, which is also multilingual.

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Hitfilm 4 Express: a free video editing software

It is a free video editing software compatible with Windows and OS X that offers advanced features worthy of a professional software. This complete editor has an unlimited number of audio and video tracks, as well as many import possibilities (including EXR).

Hitfilm 4 Express includes more than 180 visual effects and is available only in English. After installing the software, and once on the program’s homepage, click on “new” if you want to create a new project, or on “open” to load a timeline. Some information must be entered when creating a new project, including the type of template chosen, the type of antialiasing, the audio frequency, and the characteristics of the video (aspect ratio, number of frames per second, etc.).

The Hitfilm 4 Express interface

The software presents a work plan divided into several spots, to facilitate the various mounting and editing operations (preview window, visual and sound effects panel, etc.).

Adobe Premiere Pro

Available in freeware and paid versions, Adobe’s editing software runs only on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

This well known video editing software incorporates various features that enable a quality video editing. Adobe Premiere Pro includes an extended multi-camera editing option, which allows the user to edit sequences more simply, regardless of the number of cameras used to film them. In other words, the user can, with the fitting tool, refine the editing as much as possible. The connection will be done directly in the editing using the keyboard.

Adobe Premiere Pro interface

This video software also offers a great way to play edited videos, and includes an “uninterrupted playback” feature that allows you to apply filters and adjust their settings while playing the videos.

It is very easy to use, thanks to its intuitive and customizable interface. The user has the possibility of eliminating jerks from the camera. It is a software highly acclaimed by professionals.

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Sony Vegas Pro

Available in trial and paid versions, the Sony Vegas Pro has a simplified interface that allows the user to edit his audio and video recordings in high resolution up to 4K.

The Sony Vegas Pro interface

Running only on Microsoft OS, this video editing software works from a track system (waveform for sound and image sequences) and offers a wide range of visual effects. Thus, it is more easy for the user to assemble video and audio elements, add transitions, cut out lengthy parts, add video and audio effects, etc.

The user has the ability to add images, text (comments, logos, texts, etc.) that he can customize, and other events. Once the project is done, it can be exported in different formats (PSP included). It can also be burned on DVD.

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VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor is a free video editing software that has the advantage of being complete. Available for Microsoft OS, it has many options and can insert many effects and objects.

Pleasant and simple to browse, it offers a flexible encoding and a customizable interface. VSDC Free Video Editor also allows the user to insert ellipses, text, rectangles, lines, and more in his videos.

The VSDC Free Video Editor interface

Its sound tracks offer many options of delay, amplitude, as well as many filters (sharpness, relief, noise, blurs, etc.). The software has many effects of transformation (perspective, tilt, rotation, movement, etc.), color (contrast, gray scale, levels, brightness, etc.), transparency (fade, opacity, etc.), transition, and so much more. Many audio, video and image file formats are accepted for both import and export.

Final Cut

Available only for Mac OS in trial and paid versions, this video editing software is enhanced after each update. Final Cut ( includes many features and quality 3D effects, allowing excellent rendering.

The Final Cut interface

With its interface that is easy to use, this software is suitable for both professionals and amateurs. Indeed, its interface displays all the tools and windows that the user needs to mount media, explore files, manage effects and preview a rendering.

This video editing software incorporates a magnetic timeline in which the user can edit his videos (assemble plans, audio files, titles and effects). We can notice the support for multicamera projects, allowing the precise adjustment of plans and the synchronization of several angles. This software offers an integrated audio editing, convenient for editing audio excerpts and recording a narration.

Pinnacle Studio

It is a software adapted for the discerning beginners. Although it is available in free version, its full version is however paid. It is compatible with Windows operating systems and is designed for those who already have a minimum knowledge in video editing.

Pinnacle Studio supports many video formats such as HDV and AVCHD and allows export to iPod, PS3, Flash, etc. formats. The user has the opportunity to publish his project directly on Dailymotion, YouTube or create a Blu-Ray with animated menus.

The Pinnacle Studio interface

This video editing software incorporates many features. For example, the image stabilization tool, the possibility of gathering image by image. Pinnacle Studio offers a simplified ergonomics that favors a quick start. It incorporates predefined themes, as well as a “beginner” mode that makes it easy to edit.

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It is a multi-function software for advanced beginners and is available in evaluation and full versions. It’s a set of tools that allows the user to create, extract, burn, and edit photos, music, videos, and more.

Nero’s integrated video creation tools allow you to add 2D or 3D menus, edit movies based on predefined templates, and more. Video capture is compatible with HD camcorders and the user can export his projects to Blu-Ray and AVCHD discs.

Nero offers a simple and intuitive interface

This video editing software offers a fast and simple interface, as well as an intuitive control center that incorporates new extraction, playback, backup, copy, burn, and many more features. Many options allow you to insert acknowledgments, titles, video clips, and the user can even archive his HD movies on all types of removable media.

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AVID includes many paid video editing software, film editing and finishing. For example there are Avid Videoshop, Media Suite Pro, Avid Mac MCXpress, Avid MCXpress Windows NT, and much more.

AVID Studio for Video Editing

The software,is designed for experienced users. It is generally compatible with both Mac and PC and offers many rich and varied features (end-to-end XDCAM support, real-time online finishing and mastering, compositing & computer graphics, multi-format playback and time effects real video output, integrated hardware & software solution, online effects, high resolution conformation, and much more.). With its rich and complex ergonomic, this software offers professional quality editing.

DaVinci Resolve

Available in free and paid versions. It’s not cheap but it’s a very professional tool. This video editing software in English compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows is mainly intended for professionals in the post-production and colorimetry.

DaVinci Resolve offers a wide range of advanced features for mixing, producing and editing high quality videos. Whether it’s a long or short film, an audiovisual production or an advertisement, this software offers many possibilities. DaVinci Resolve has a comprehensive and intuitive workspace that features a multi-layer timeline and supports multi-camera editing.

DaVinci Resolve is a tool for professionals

The user has the ability to insert dynamic transitions, add titles and crop his plans. The video editing software is distinctive for its calorimetry and calibration capabilities.

It has an intuitive interface and is full of features. In the full and paid version of this software, we can discern advanced features such as 3D tracking and image stabilization tools.

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It is a Windows compatible video editing software available in free and complete versions. Easy to handle, it offers a complete solution for making quality video editing.

PowerDirector has an intuitive, standard-based interface (video preview, multitrack editing, effects, settings, content libraries, and transitions or titles).

The PowerDirector interface for video editing

The software also allows screen capture, thanks to a simple and effective function. PowerDirectors includes many powerful features, including OpenCL and multi-GPGPU hardware acceleration management, HDR video support, 4K support, multi-camera synchronization (up to 4 cameras), and many more.

As far as sound is concerned, the software integrates surround sound management (5.1 and 7.1 channels). We can notice the editing tools for videos shot in 360 °. It is a powerful software that addresses both professionals and beginners.

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iMovie, MAC and iOS video editing software

It is a free video post-production software compatible only with Mac and iOS. iMovie is reachable to everyone and allows you to import, create, share, adjust and enhance videos.

This video editing software for MAC and iOS integrates a gallery of backgrounds or transitions and allows to insert moving or simple titles between or in the video sequences. The user can also create a trailer or HD movie up to 4K and 60 frames per second. It has many animation themes that can be replaced by personal themes.

MAC iOS iMovie Video Editing Software

In terms of video editing, the user just needs to right-click on the timeline to split a video, insert a cross-fade, freeze, or separate video and audio tracks.

iMovie includes an automatic enhancement tool that allows you to fine-tune some audio settings (volume, EQ options, speed, etc.) and video settings (color calibration, stabilizer, balance, etc.).

We also notice the presence of a large gallery of audio filters (radio, cathedral, felted, etc.) and video filters (dream effect, sepia, negative, etc.). It is compatible with many formats and the user can directly share his achievements online.


Available in free and pro version, this video editing software compatible with Mac OS X, Linux, Windows is primarily intended for knowledgeable users. Indeed, Lightworks has a flexible interface that is difficult to master and requires a certain technical knowledge.

It requires obligatorily a registration, after which it proposes to the user to launch his first project. Its rigid interface is composed of several independent windows that can be enlarged, pinned, removed, reduced or moved.

Lightworks, video post-production software

Lightworks includes a toolbar for accessing a video and audio stream capturing tool, a video editing tool, export and import windows (image, sound and video). It also incorporates a system of cupboards and drawers to organize the files. There are also many video and audio filters (angles, styles, colors, etc.), as well as the possibility of adding titles. The Pro version offers more advanced features and allows greater export flexibility.

You can also read how to create your GIF online.

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