Visa for Mauritius : tourist and business trips

Are you interested in the Mauritius adventure ? Spend an exotic holiday or do lucrative business there ? There are many reasons to be interested in this country with its idyllic beaches and economically hyperactive. However, you should be well informed about the procedures for entering Mauritian territory, otherwise you may be expelled as soon as you arrive. In which cases is a Mauritius visa required ? How to obtain a tourist or business visa ? What are the maximum validity periods of the different visas for Mauritius ? What is the visa required to get a job in Mauritius ? You will find in this article all the detailed information you need to obtain your visa for Mauritius.

Do you need a visa to travel to Mauritius?

The Mauritian authorities have classified the countries into 4 categories :

  1. Countries whose nationals do not require a visa to stay in Mauritius for less than 3 months (examples: all European Union countries, India, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Kenya, Namibia, etc.) ;
  2. Countries whose nationals will receive a 2-week visa upon arrival at Mauritius International Airport (examples: Algeria, Comoros, Madagascar, etc.) ;
  3. Countries whose nationals will receive a 60-day visa upon arrival in Mauritius (examples: Andorra, Cambodia, Colombia, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Ukraine, most sub-Saharan African countries, etc.) ;
  4. Countries whose nationals must obtain a visa before travelling to Mauritius (examples: Bangladesh, Mali, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, etc.)

Visa Maurice France : si vous êtes ressortissant français, pas besoin de visa donc pour séjourner moins de 90 jours à Maurice.

Visa Mauritius
Visa Mauritius

Important : it is essential to contact the diplomatic service of your country to find out about the formalities for entering Mauritius. Indeed, the conditions of visits may change at any time and without notice.

Conditions for obtaining a tourist visa or a business visa for Mauritius

Here are the minimum requirements to obtain a Mauritius visa for a tourist or business stay :

  • Have an internationally recognized passport whose validity exceeds 6 months from the date of return ;
  • Have a valid return ticket ;
  • Possibly be able to prove sufficient funds for the duration of the stay in Mauritius (100 USD per day) ;
  • Possibly have a letter from a Mauritian national guaranteeing your return to your country ;
  • All family members must apply for the visa (if necessary) ;
  • In the case of a tourist visa, it is prohibited to carry out profit-making activities during the stay in Mauritius.

Attention : meeting these minimum conditions is not sufficient to obtain a visa for Mauritius, the issuance of which remains at the sole discretion of the Mauritian immigration authorities.

You can obtain a visa for Mauritius from the Mauritian embassy or consulate of your country. You can consult your travel agency for more information on this subject. You can download the visa application forms from this page of the Mauritius Passport and Immigration Office.

Extension of a tourist visa for Mauritius

A tourist visa for Mauritius may be extended once subject to acceptance by the Mauritian immigration authorities and for a maximum additional period of 3 months. In any case, the total number of tourist stays in Mauritius may not exceed 6 months over a period of one calendar year.

Mauritius will be able to extend your tourist visa
Mauritius will be able to extend your tourist visa

Cases of visas for business in Mauritius

Total business stays in Mauritius may not exceed 120 days over a period of one calendar year. Each stay may not exceed 90 days.

Mauritius visa for business travel
Mauritius visa for business travel

In the event that you need to enter and leave Mauritian territory many times in the course of your business, you can apply for a “multiple entry” visa. In the case where the non-resident has a “multiple entry” visa and stays more than 90 days over a period of one calendar year, then he/she must apply for a work permit.

Please note that if you want to start a company in Mauritius, you do not need a visa because you can do everything remotely.

Case of the Mauritius visa for a marriage with a Mauritian

In the event that the purpose of the stay in Mauritius is to marry a Mauritian national, then it is mandatory to apply for a visa before starting the trip. In the case of a non-resident whose country of origin is exempt from the need for a visa, then he/she must declare his/her intention to marry a Mauritian upon arrival in Mauritius, and provide information on his/her future spouse to the immigration service.

Mauritius Visa for your wedding
Mauritius Visa for your wedding

How to live in Mauritius for a foreigner?

That’s it, you’ve stayed in Mauritius for a few days, a few weeks or, for the lucky ones, a few months, and you’ve decided: you want to live on this island and maybe even the idea of buying real estate in Mauritius will come to you. A simple Mauritius visa will no longer be sufficient to allow you to stay and possibly work in the country.

Two options are then available to you :

The Occupation Permit (Permit d’occupation) which is a combination of a residence and work permit ;
The Residence Permit if you are over 50 years old and want to live your retirement in Mauritius.


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