What are the habitants of Madagascar called ?

The inhabitants of France are called French, those of Brazil, Brazilian, Russian Russians, so what about the habitants of Madagascar ? If you thought it was Madagascan or something like that you are mistaken xD. Actually, it’s a little weird, isn’t it ? So what do they call the people of this great island ?

The habitants of Madagascar are called Malagasy

Hold it tight. We call the habitants of Madagascar : Malagasy or Malgaches (for English speakers, and MDR fanatics). Let me explain a little. Some Malagasy people denounce the appellation under the pretext that the name is pejorative, that it is the combination of two words in french : « mal » and « gâche »… But I certainly find it absurd. It has nothing to do with it, in my opinion.

You are not going to meet a Frenchman who will tell you that even when we speak our language, pronounce it « français » instead of « frantsay » or « French ». In short, everyone has their own idea. Personally I don’t care too much about the appellation, I’m Malagasy, I’m Malagasy MDR.

One people, 18 tribes

In the 22 regions of Madagascar, there are 18 different ethnic groups, i.e. 18 tribes. But nowadays, there is no longer any question of racism (even France is not racist xD) or war between MDR tribes, so in a city, there is still a great ethnic diversity.

For example, if we take Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, we can see a great diversity of people. We can find Antadroy, Sakalava, Tsimihety, Antakarana, Bestileo, etc. In short, people from all over the island. And do you know that in Madagascar, we can see a good number of foreigners who have already obtained Malagasy nationality such as French, Chinese, Pakistanis, etc.

Regardless of the region, the habitants of Madagascar are called Malagasy or Malgaches
Regardless of the region, the habitants of Madagascar are called Malagasy or Malgaches

To conclude, Madagascar has a very diverse people, but which bear the name : Malagasy or Malagasy, as they understand it xD. Whether we come from the North, the South, the East, the West or the Highlands, we call ourselves « Malagasy » and we are proud of it.

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