Factomos: Review of a Saas Invoicing software for craftsmen and artists

Independent workers, contractors, small businesses, startups, craftsmen – managing your invoices has always been your pet peeve? Yes, most would agree that it is not an easy task to manage inventory while keeping track of your current invoices. Do you ever dream of an all-in-one software that would make it simpler to bill sales? Discover Factomos! Here’s my review of this Saas Invoicing software.

What is Factomos?

Factomos is a French online Invoicing software for sole traders, VSEs, craftsmen and even artists. Why ? Simply because it adapts to all needs and will allow you to optimize the management of your invoices while simplifying your Accounting tasks.

See more information about Factomos here.

This software is available in several packs that are each built to suit different business volumes. But before discovering them, let’s see what Factomos has to offer…

The main functions of Factomos

Based in Cloud, Factomos is no less complete – at least in terms of the basics.

It’s possible to manage all the Sales efforts in the same place. Here are the functions of the basic offer:

  • customizable invoices and quotes with down payment invoices
  • management of author’s notes and notes of fees
  • Recovery Management
  • Bank synchronization for monitoring (with more than 90 banking services)
  • virtual binders
  • Data export (PDF, Excel or Ciel Compta format)
  • E-commerce API (Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, Woocommerce)

The Invoicing software Saas Factomos also offers a complete dashboard integrating the main performance indicators necessary for a good management of your activity. There is of course the turnover in real time, but also a monitoring of VAT and cash. Invoices pending, quote, distribution of turnover by customers, and it’s cumulative or broken down by month -the possibilities are really numerous.

Getting started with Factomos

Start by creating your account with your e-mail address and the name of your company. Then, check your e-mail box where you will be given a login and password. Keep them preciously!

Return to the Homepage and enter your login details. Start by filling out your profile in the “Dashboard” section.

Once your information is complete, go to your Homepage where you can view your quotes, invoices, contacts, expenses and services.

If you do not have any supplier or customer contacts yet, add your contacts in the “My Contacts” section and then “Create Contact”.

Start creating your first invoice by clicking on the “My Invoices” button and then “Create an invoice” at the top right of your screen. Fill in the information about the services you are about to charge, link the invoice to a customer or create a new one. Then fill in the services (you can create a new one directly from the invoice) and you will only have to click on the blue button at the bottom right of your screen to validate the whole thing.

Now click on the small envelope at the top right to send this invoice. You can also download your invoice in PDF format before sending it to your customers (click on the green “PDF” button). And for quotes, it’s the same, but by clicking on “Create quote”!

Factomos is compatible with Woocommerce, Shopify, Prestashop and Magento
Factomos is compatible with Woocommerce, Shopify, Prestashop and Magento

The different packs offered by Factomos

Three possibilities are available to you, depending on the volume of your activity:

Starter Pack

Ideal for freelancers, independent workers or contractors and, in general, for all those who only have a basic billing need, the Starter Pack provides access to the following features:

  • unlimited quote
  • creation of 100 invoices / year
  • 1 user access
  • custom design
  • currency choice
  • export data into an Excel file
  • Accounting access
  • VAT management
  • MDA / AGESSA prepayment
  • notification center
  • and an e-mail address

Pro Pack

For professionals already starting to need more flexibility to grow, the Factomos Pro pack gives you the features mentioned above plus the following:

  • quote, invoice, unlimited delivery notes
  • 2 user access
  • 1 bank account
  • a 500 MB virtual workbook
  • attachments
  • tracking and Warehouse Management
  • expense report management
  • batch PDF export
  • API access
  • invoice payment online
  • simple user rights management

Premium Pack

The Premium Pack, finally, includes the features of the two previous packs, but with the following options:

  • advanced user rights management
  • a 10 GB binder
  • 6 user access
  • 2 bank accounts
Factomos is available in 3 different packs to fit all needs
Factomos is available in 3 different packs to fit all needs

Obviously, the more we go upmarket, the more costs there will be!

The Factomos team can also develop functionalities to match specific needs. Simply contact Factomos directly about this.

Note: Factomos has a module called “Factomos Xpert” specially designed for Accountants.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Factomos

Great features, easy to use, streamlined interface, Factomos is an Invoicing software that combines the good points. It’s complete, yes, but not flawless – it has some minor defects.

Its strengths

  • easy access and complete dashboards
  • ability to give direct access to your data to your Accountant
  • easy to handle even without training
  • complies with the Anti-Fraud VAT law of 01/01/2018 (NF525 certification)

Its weak points

  • permanent currency choice: impossible to go back once done
  • Pro and Premium packs still expensive compared to competitors

We all know that managing invoices takes time and concentration. But I think that Factomos is a software that I will use gladly for my Invoicing Management.

I highly recommend it to contractors who are short of time or have not received Accounting training. Moreover, it is possible to export your accounts so that your Accountant can have the needed info.

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