Successful Door to Door Prospecting & Sales techniques

Door to Door Prospecting & Sales is the most difficult Sales discipline. However, with methodology and a lot of perseverance, it’s possible to succeed in selling by simply knocking at the doors… However, with the techniques that I will present in this article, I managed to create and develop 4 companies. I won’t hide anything from you – I’ll give you all the secrets that have made Door to Door Prospecting & Sales the best asset I have and made me successful in life.


Here, I am giving you my feedback from several years of Door to Door Sales for alarm systems in France (Verisure) and services in Madagascar. And I can tell you with certainty: yes, Door to Door Sales works, and yes, we can make a lot of money with it.

Door to door is an excellent school of Sales
Door to Door is an excellent Sales school

To tell you the truth, Door to Door Sales has brought me – not only a comfortable salary, but also a philosophy of life. That is: if you want to be a high-flyer in life, never stop moving forward – you’ll surely get slaps but persevere – one day it will all pay off.

The preparation behind Door to Door sales

Preparing the Door to Door prospecting activity is very important!

So when I’m talking about “preparation”, it’s not about learning your product! I consider this as a minimum minimorum (absolute minimum) and as a prerequisite for reading my articles…

The preparation of the Door to Door Sales includes:

  • the geographical division of the area to be prospected
  • rote learning of your opening presentation (see below for an example)
  • setting up working tools: notebook, pen, diary, prospecting book, purchase orders, contracts, fee schedule, a calculator and possibly a brochure
  • eat well and sleep well, maintain your physical condition
  • keep your Sales Management software up-to-date

Tip: Do not wear a suit to go Door to Door prospecting!!! You will trigger a natural defense reaction from your prospect (you would look too much like the insurance or credit agent). Instead, wear something more like a technician’s outfit.

Opening Introductory sentence

This is a brief presentation to learn by heart and to recite with each new prospect.

Example: Hello, my name is Romain of xxx company. I am in your neighbourhood today to inform all its inhabitants of an innovation in video editing software. I would like to introduce it to you.

Once your recitation is over, show the inside the house (or an office if you are prospecting for businesses) with your hand, to encourage the customer to let you in.

Perhaps you are thinking that it’s very difficult for a prospect to let a perfect stranger enter his house. And you are absolutely right!

But I can tell you that it happens, especially after several months of experience, when you have developed great self-confidence and your speech will be perfectly well-seasoned.

The Sales steps

If the prospect spares you some of their precious time (at home for an individual or sitting at their desk for a professional), then you can start to apply the Sales steps.

For this, I refer you to the article stating the 6 essential Sales steps that are easy to learn and apply

More than for any other Sales aspect, Door Knocking requires remarkable rigour in the application of these steps – which are:

  1. Discovery: discovering your customer and his/her needs
  2. Pre-closing: get a firm yes
  3. Presenting your company: reassure the customer
  4. Argumentation: proving the customer that your product meets his/her needs
  5. Closing: sign and get the cash
  6. Sponsorship: ask for help
The 6 steps of the sale
The 6 steps of the sale

If you succeed in a one-shot sale (immediate sale to a person you’ve never seen before), then you can claim that you’ve gained a level :-).

Dealing with a refusal

There is nothing worse psychologically than feeling rejected. It is in Man’s social nature.

So yes, most of the time the prospects will dismiss you. In France, at least 99% of the time people tried to refuse my approach. You see!

When that happens, take a step back, do not take it personally.

Indeed, the person who tells you to go away a little bit rudely may have had a bad week, a bad day, have heard bad news, has too many bills to pay, or just watched pessimistic news on TV…

Always keep smiling!
Always keep smiling!

So never lose your smile and at least show your them that with you there is no problem, but only solutions, that with you – life is simple and beautiful!

The key word when a prospect refuses to listen to you is: perseverance.

Do not go away, insist! You are here to bring a very useful solution to your customer, so it’s your duty to insist.

-> I strongly advise you to read the story of one of my Sales experiences during on long day in winter day in France. It’s a perfect example of what can be achieved with perseverance!

The rule is to insist at least 3 times before leaving. Always remember that.


Me: Hello, I am Vassen of xxx, I am in your neighbourhood today to inform you of an innovation in the protection of goods and people. I would like to present it to you…

The prospect: I’m not interested!

Me: You are not interested in what? :-).

The prospect: Anyway, I don’t have time!

Me: It will take only 5 minutes :-).

The prospect: And actually I already have an alarm!

Me: That’s perfect, so you understand the importance of security and with my information you can compare it to the latest security tool today :-).

The prospect: OK, but I really don’t have time.

Me: I understand, so I propose to make an appointment please – do you prefer Monday or Tuesday? Morning or afternoon? Next Tuesday at 10 am then! Thank you!

So, you should always try at least to fix a later appointment with the customer and especially take his contact information!

The Prospecting book

The Prospecting book is your companion, it is essential for any Door to door activity.

This document that will help you to record and track your activity:

  • times of passage
  • name of the prospect
  • step to which you stopped: Discovery / Pre-closing / Argumentary / Closing
  • useful remarks

This document that will enable you to:

  • set up reminders
  • optimise your rounds
  • bring out your mistakes
  • recollect all the info about your prospect (contact information, days / hours of presence, etc.)

Download a sample Prospecting sheet.

Note that if you manage a team of Door to Door salespeople, the Prospecting book can help you identify those who are not doing their job.

-> Tip: You can use a CRM software to record the information in your prospecting book. This will allow you to secure and computerise your professional activity. If you are the team leader, a good software will help you to better manage your sales team.

Relaunching after the door-to-door

Of course, one-shot sales won’t be your main sales because they require not only a very good sales level but also favorable circumstances.

Most of your sales from Door to Door canvassing will be done by following-up customers; and after a Sales negotiation.

So, write down all the details of your prospects, take notes (and read them again!!), take your phone and call or even visit your prospects regularly.

And if the Door to Door Sales is still not your thing, you can always strive in the Retail Sales! If you are starting a business, Door to Door Prospecting is a great way for people to get to know you.

-> See also: Perseverance, the key to success – even on a chilly winter day!


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